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  1. Seriously enjoyed your screen shots Tinoesroho, great work. Some feedback, since you asked. Try spicing up your angle/ pitch a bit more, all shots seem to be from the same camera perspective. Looking forward to seeing more from you.
  2. Really solid models, Pureon. Its fun watching what you do with existing game art. Keep them coming.
  3. Loving the roof texture on the Agoge, great work!
  4. Mehh. Nice sig thing though, I made them for 3 of my toons. Lock is best geared but I like my prot pally the most.
  5. @alexthegod5 Dude, you really need to do something about that talent build. One of the worst I've seen. EVERY hunter needs atleast 20 points in the MM tree. Period.
  6. So I'm coming up on the year anniversary of my first tattoo and realised that I haven't shown it to you guys yet...So here it is. Its a 97 (best year ever, 1997) made up of all of Team 97!'s initials. Really its a big inside joke taken too far :-P Theres now 11 of us with different 97 tattoos, 7 still left, some of them included here. Like I said, mine is the 97 with initials. So anyone else have a tattoo theyd like to share?
  7. Saw it yesterday as well. It was a good movie I thought. Whatever Xerxes was riding on was pretty over the top though :-P It seemed like a mix between Syn City and Last Samurai.
  8. The dorm I live in is pretty small too, 13 square feet about. But next year, 4 friends and I have a 5 bedroom house for rent. 180$ plus utilities, which is cheap for here. Average is about 300$ a month.
  9. A big Chipotle burrito. I used to enjoy it almost weekly but now that I'm at school and we don't have one in town I have to go months
  10. Dang, we only get Monday off. It's supposed to snow about 6 inches tonight though, hopefully I'll wake up to a snow day...
  11. Myspace does suck. I'm sick of all the gilrs on there whoring themselves, and all the guys loving it. Your fourteen, seriously. I'm also sick of the schools trying to mediate it. I use mine strictly as a way to get the principle and local authorities by me to notice it. I call it Project Made Ya Look. basically my whole page is one big drug reference, so hopefully my principle will see it and ask me about my drug abuse. Haha.
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