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  1. Hello and welcome to WFG. I dig your sig btw.
  2. It will probably be both. The majority will probably start out as direct download, then as we grow it will move to torrents. The game should be relatively small compared to some free-to-download games pushing 2-4 gigs these days. Torrents are great, but first we have to get a user base built up, and without that, torrents are useless.
  3. Are you talking about 3DMark type benchmarking videos?
  4. Dang. I just filled my truck up for $2.71 (2.69 at Raceway but they have cheap gas and it's lower quality so I don't use it). I hope to see it drop to about $2.50 and stay there...or perhaps 2.00 and I'd be in heaven!
  5. I didn't go by the station today but last I heard they were the low $2.70's/gal around here in central Alabama. We've been seeing about a 3-5 cent drop every day for a few weeks now, and I'm loving it.
  6. neonardo


    What are you getting at here? I don't understand what your point is here...
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