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  1. Well, it IS THEIR problem. It is THEIR game and they RULEZ!...
  2. Haha . No, not exactly danger, but it would suck, you know That part was to add dramatism ... didnt work I think... feeling humilliated Well, do they have computers in Somalia ?(J/K) What I mean is... well, most people probably wont know that they can get 0.A.D for free, you know. Did you knew that when AoK demo went out, some pirates started selling it as a full game?? And they sold a lot of copies (I didnt of course) I´m not blaming them, in fact it´s quite an honourable thing to do (quoting myself) Is that blaming them? @Feneur Well... thing is, as i´ve said, many people perhaps would get fooled into buying it, cause they dont know its freeware. People you dont know (criminals) would get profit from your great and virtous game. I would feel bad if something like that hapened Anyway, as I´ve said, it was just a thought. Perhaps it does not happen
  3. (The Official FAQ, Question "How will the game be distributed")This is nice. I laughed at the part of the cat . However, it demonstrates a seeeeriously bad problem with the distribution. And some people may know what it is... Yeah, pirates , the scourge of society, horror of the fellow and honest gamer... Problem is, 0A.D will be absolutely freeware, so it will be completely legal to dl it, and people can´t be accused of possesing it freely. They´ll just burn CDs and start selling them illgally, taking profit of your honest and hard work. Have you thought about it? What will you do?
  4. But we could still mod roads in, right?
  5. RTT= Real Time Tactics I think
  6. Well, according to the previews, info, stuff the makers have posted, etc... Battles will be a mix of RTS and Total War, though I do not know a lot more. I´d personally prefer the combat system to lean more towards Total War strategy (TW RULEZ ) but I´m not making the game Anyway: It will be AWESOME !!
  7. England should have quite strong regular infantry (the redcoats were disciplined and trained)... My 2 cents...
  8. Yeah, 0.A.D WILL RULEZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ !!!!!! (when it comes out)
  9. Windows XP Pro Service Pack 3 here
  10. Really? I used to believe that when you´re not trying to make profit from another people´s stuff(and don´t declare it´s yourself´s stuff), it´s legal
  11. Uhmmm, the revolting stuff was my idea , belisarivs, not brightgalrs´ For Allah, guys, how can you start a drama only because of a sugestion posted by a n00b (me)?? The economic crisis unnerves ya or what? OMFG
  12. Yeah, but there are perhaps a lot of people like me, registered and all, who just dont know about the existance of this subforum, because they log in to post in the general discussion forum, or in the game modification forum. I seriously suggest ye´to reveal thius forum to everyone
  13. Why is it hidden to guests?? I´ve seen that in some threads, Abadu and/or belisarivs comment that they find the lack of interest in this project a bit discouraging. THe thing is, if this forum wasnt hidden to guests, perhaps more people would know this subforum exists (I got aware of the existance of this subforum just today, and stated reading some stuff) What do you say?
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