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  1. Personally, I think that mode will be pretty hard to balance, with the power difference between players. But if someone can pull this off, it will be an unique game mode, and should be pretty awesome IMO
  2. Carthage at the time of 0 A.D. is the thriving trade empire during the Punic Wars, AFAIK. 0 A.D. as a point in time is non-existent, and the Carthaginians in-game will be during the high point of their civilisation, as will all other civilisations in the game
  3. Or maybe a retreat button, like in Company of Heroes
  4. As far as I know, heroes have leadership auras. I remember reading about it somewhere on the site.....
  5. I'm assuming that you can toggle the behavior of the units, so that you can order units to hold and only attack when the enemy's in range, or order them to chase down all enemies in sight. Is this the plan?
  6. I sure hope so! I have yet to see a computer that is more humble than mine!
  7. I got a 1280x800 monitor. Unfortunately I have to play most games in 1024x768 because my PC sucks and can't run modern games at 1280x800.....
  8. We shall fight in the beaches! We shall fight in the seas and oceans! We shall fight in the air! We shall NEVER SURRENDER! But seriously though, it might be annoying to have your units running away when you can win the battle with your ub3r m1cr0 skillz
  9. That could be expanded into a "supply line"! That could open up some interesting options during a game
  10. Give them some time, the game is still at alpha AFAIK
  11. Personally, I think naming the unit using its native languages (e.g, calling Greek Hoplites "Hoplites" instead of "Greek Spearmen") adds more flavor to the game
  12. I believe that is one of the features the developers are planning to include. As long as the fans can make scenarios, not having a campaign wouldn't be a problem
  13. On chariot, those were only really seen before the Han dynasty, during the Han dynasty, chariots were replaced by riders on horseback. After that Chinese cavalry forces generally don't have chariots in them
  14. Yes I do mean the qiang, it is true that they rarely fight in anything that resembles a phalanx, but during the qin dynasty, there is actually an experimental unit that fought like a phalanx, but that never caught on. I think the hook on a stick is the ge which I mentioned. But this weapon was replaced by the more versatile qiang after qin. The chained cavalry, if i remember correctly, is actually used by machurians originally, AGAINST the Chinese, but I might be wrong on this The chained ship , i think, was only used during the battle of the Red Cliff. It prevented soldiers from getting sea sick (since it was much more stable), but burned easily. I don't think it was used in other battles though. The repeating crossbow is my all-time favourite pre-gunpowder ranged weapon. Although in earlier versions, the power and range of the shots were reduced drastically to cope with the speed, but by the ming dynasty, the repeating crossbow gained the nickname of "anti-barbarian crossbow" (yuan rong nu) because of its effectiveness against cavalry charges used by nomadic armies against China
  15. Well, I think Zhan Guo and Qin should be one civilization, Han and the 3 kingdoms be another, mainly because of the rapid rise in the importance of cavalry between the Qin and Han. So although the infantry will be similar (only main difference I can think of is the change from mainly using the Ge, which is a scythe-like weapon effective for use on chariots, to the qian, which is just a spear, this change also reflects the change from chariots to mounted cavalry) the other things will be pretty different.
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