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  1. After this post , I found a new book , And for now, finding that book is one of my first priorities. (The book is in English And not available in Iran, nor available Online in any source that I know even Torrents and Peer to Peer programs ... http://www.kavehfarrokh.com/books/shadows-...-persia-at-war/ This is the link of this book in author pages. He is one of the most famous and knowledgeable person about Persian history (of course not the best in my idea but one of the bests) so I must find this before any talk about this names.
  2. Ancient language of Parsi have some difference with current language, But some how I can understand that too, I learn that when I was in high school not very good but I can understand it. After all if you want to use Ancient language, Then you should use all term in that style, but some terms are not in ancient like Neyzedar Madi . This is in current Persian language, not in old one. or Kappadoki is not even in old language, Its not current too. So I just suggest some fix, to make them understandable for Persian people. Thanks , F0ruD
  3. Hi all. I check this : http://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/Civ%3A_Persians and then I found some mistakes. (Just in names, Translation and spells) 1- Zhupinandaz Frighi Persian : ژوبین انداز فینیقی Zhupinandaz : Zhubin Andaz is correct (If you want to use Zhubinandaz its OK too, but in Persian Andaz means Some one who throw things, so Its better to be seperated from Zhubin (B not P ) .) Frighi : Its total incorrect, We call Phrygia Phinighi(فینیقی), so the correct word in Persian is Phinighi 2- Kamandar Kappadoki : Katpatuka is the correct word. 3- Usubari Tazi. : I cant find Usubari, and don't know any thing about, If you mean any one who run a camel then its "Shotor Savar" . 4-Aspe Zerehdar Balkhi : Asbe is correct and Balkh is one of the city after Islam, so its not a good idea to use this city in this game. 5-Asabari Madi : Asabari? means nothing (May be I should say in my knowledge its mean nothing) And I think its "Asb Savare Madi " , Suggest Part instead of Mad , They are very famous in this case 6-Chaharcharkhe Pars : Arabeye Pars is better word than Char charkhe (Some thing that have 4 wheel) At least Chariot means Arabe 7-Banu Miyanrudani : Mianrudi is very clear , Mianrudani is not correct , After all Mesopotamian means Beinolnahrein (Arabic word in persian language) But Mianroud is better for a Persian Replacement, even this mean A rud , not two Rud. 8-Tamkarum Arami : Tajere Arami to be continued.... Thanks , F0ruD
  4. No I understand that and this is good enough for me. I just have problem with "forgot the past theory". I just like the past and I'm happy with my country. just this. Its like you are a fan of movie or book or any thing else. since they are not real (movie or book I mean) no body can ask you to leave all of that, you love it and even its not real,even if its not now, you enjoy that. I enjoy Persian history, I love that. somehow like I'm proud of having such history. and I can't understand why someone want to destroy all of this, because they are past , I can't enjoy them? I am a HUMAN like anyone else in this world, Its human habit to find and enjoy some thing(any thing) , its not?? WOW, look like I'm an Idiot or something, yes I am and I enjoy that
  5. You are very funny Where an when I get angry? and is there another Persian in this thread? and yes its the past. But Alexander is past too. All are done. I like history, Its from my childhood , I used to read Persian history and almost any other (in any type, anything I mean) book . so I like to discuss (right word?) about History, any one like to talk about his/her favorite fields. I think we just talking about Persian. The other thing : this game try to save reality , and in this game Alexander is not past,that part of Persian is not past, its now. just in this game. I say it again , I like to talk, not fight. But any one say this to me. You must know some other nation with many difference with yours, Like Arabs(no offense just an example ). Then if there is no thing different for you when you think "What if I was Arab -or some thing else-" then you are right. you are right. but If you don't like to be Arab (or any other) then you just fol yourself. Turks and Armenian???!!! Your point is?? And last thing is you reply to others post but you talk to me I fell you talk to another person but you target me just feel and its funny for me.
  6. I'm back I read the whole posts and I think answer to this posts are not a good idea. Our point of view is not same so I just thank all of you about this game and I have respect (Is this word wrong or not!! ) ) for all of your idea even if I'm not agree with. And we miss the point the point is : any help I can do for this game. I love to do. About Persian stuffs or any thing else . This is my point for posting this thread
  7. You should see the game in action, Its great I like it alot . very good can not wait to play a real game on it. Very funny thing, In a game I use all my army to kill one of enemy unit (just in screen shot mode " I think that one is Immortal one, Its take about min to kill him but very nice and amazing.
  8. May be you are right, may be not. Yes the Alexander get all Iran, destroy one of the most beautiful city in the world (I see the Persepolis many times but its so great even in this time) , but we still exist. Arabs are take control over iran in about 700 A.D But we control them and some how defuse them ..., this is not the point, WE STILL ALIVE! since there is one like me ) we are alive. Crap? I never call people Crap. This is my fact. 300? OK. You ever hear about just a few people (most archers) before Persepolis ?they hold Alexander for a month and then he kill them just with some "Unfair" (I cant find the good word, some type of using back door , spy or .. ) tactic? yes you never heard since its American-Europe Hollywood not Iranian Hollywood. may be Iran is not important at all, but its important to me. I never talk about my home country like this, Even I born/burn in hell itself. Yes I know, This game is 0 .A.D! not 2009 A.D Am I right? After all, any word that may hurt you or any one is my mistake, just sorry , I want to be here like a good member and don't want to make any one angry. but some time I must answer some things. Peace.
  9. Agree but I wish our governors be that way too, I think they are NOT Iranian. I hate them ) Thanks, And yes, I know this. Cyrus is one of the greet kings and I hope developer use his name and may be history in game
  10. First of all , my name is Forud, son of Siavash in Shahname (Biggest myth story in the world about ten time bigger than homers Iliad & Odyssey -Ok with spell???- and one of greet art in iran , all poem and very very great! ) F 0 ru D F Zero ru BigD And the history of ancient time, There is many but all in Persian The Shahname is about Iran history but some how Its modified , not real thing , For example in that story Alexander grand father is Darius Grand father Its also translated to some language before. I see that very funny.... but 300 is one of most hated Movies in Iran even those who never see movie know it well. Totally agree with.. In game is yes. but I just want to talk about reality . As long as Persian is one of the game , I'm happy WOW its take me about half hour to write this
  11. I don't want to mess with any one but its Persian Gulf not Arabian Gulf Why noyt Arab Nations instead of Gulf Nations!! Sorry if this post look like spam
  12. Any help I can do. Just say what you want me to do. I can't send message to you Why? I can't send any message to any one
  13. Thanks all, And I must say some things. - Poorly trained? you say this "every Persian boy learned how to fire a bow, ride a horse, and speak the truth" and then you say Poorly trained! Persian are the best rider in the world,Polo is the Persian game .(We call it Chawgan) See this :Polo on wiki Because of some movie like 300 They think Persian are huge in army and very week. but no! this is not true. The Parths (One of Persian kings, after Alexander and his successor ) use to be like partisans and they can defeat Roma in war (War of Orod and "Marcus Licinius Crassus Dives" see the daeth part of his page in wiki : Link on wiki In that war iranian was 50,000 but the roma are very bigger than them! Persian army kill him, (He is the killer of Spartacus ) - I see some times people thinks Persian have elephant in their army but the true is they never have. In some old war, Persian use camel (with fire in their back, to make them scream ) ) to scare Indian elephant and at that point , Most Persian army "never" see elephant before in that war! I think this is because we are very close to India. I must see the game before any other thing to say, The problem is In Binaries folder After a while in any empty folder I got a "Forbiden" Error. why? Again, Sorry my English is not good, Or My English is very BAD )
  14. And I am Persian my father, mother and also the grand and great grand ones are Persian too.
  15. So, I play Persian first. and then others. The all others are now renamed/destroyed except Persian, It's funny.
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