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    Music<br />I play alto sax, piano, bass (a little!) and guitar (learning). I compose music using Sibelius 6. Check me out as arxarts on Newgrounds for my music! <br /><br />Videogames<br />Love RTS, have for all my life. My favourites are The Lord of the Rings: Battle for Middle-Earth II: Rise of the Witch-King and Rise of Nations: Thrones and Patriots. Also enjoy most 007 titles, and being a Nintendohead pride myself in substance over style, even when I'm wrong.<br /><br />Film<br />Really enjoy films, I 'see' the meaning, even when there is none (yes, I'm looking at you Kubrick). Amateur photographer and hopeful filmmaker and screenwriter.<br /><br />Cooking<br />Not bad cook, I have a reasonable knowledge around the kitchen, but mostly enjoy it for the heck of it.<br /><br />Contributing<br />In almost anything I can. Wikipedia, 0 A.D. now that I know of it.<br /><br />I'm willing to help in anyway I can, but being a n00b when it comes to drawing and programming, might not be much help. :P

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  1. Will there be alternate game modes? I guess what I'm trying to say is that I get sick and tired of the RTS games where it takes 500 arrows to kill a bloody hopolite. Similarly the games where an 'army' of 12 lance throwers beat the crap out of my fortresses, or when hero units end up having more hitpoints than most of my buildings. Could there perhaps be a game mode in which all unit hitpoints are severely decreased, or perhaps an tickable option to play a game like this with other modes? In such scenarios normal troops should die with one or two blows, elites with three or four, even in the latest of game stages. In addition only siege units can destroy buildings, with normal troops only being able to hurt them a little, (note LITTLE DAMAGE BY INFANTRY!). Also, will there be a limit to houses, or can we build as many as possible to make very big armies (à la American Conquest)? I'm not saying an army of tens of thousands is necessary but having a few hundred of each troop type would be nice AND realistic, which everybody here seems to be very hyped up about. BFMEII had a nice easy solution where you could choose the maximum army size, from 0.5% of original all the way up to 10000% (100x). Finally for heroes, will they have leadership effects for units near them, or just be behemoths on two legs? As with most options, it'd be great if you can fine tune them in the set up window, perhaps even save game styles.
  2. I know this isn't auto-attacking, but its still "troop stance" stuff, so here goes: What about a system that when a troop has less than, say 25% hitpoints, it goes to the healing station automatically, and when its fully healed goes back to its original position. Or maybe a button function in the healing station that sends all the nearest critically injured soldiers back to camp to heal, and returns them to their original positions. This would be mainly to save players the trouble of wedging in units who are about to die, and the tedious task of extracting the fully healed units. Players of AoEIII might remember this happening around the Field Hospitals, which by the way had a terrible healing radius (please make the radius big enough for at least three rows of horses!).
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