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  1. Yes, love the detail but low poly-count.
  2. Ya I got OWNED by the spammer. Wasn't careful and opened the link. Surprisingly it was in a different language and was a download.
  3. Haha great ideas coming in! Keep it simple (this game isn't RoN which is a good game btw ) and balanced as we don't want Britian to be overpowered hehe so they'll have good infantry but will die to French cavalry. Sadly I must also follow the rules of the game but later on I might make a realistic mod in which it's one shot kill for all units.
  4. Good point Cassador_Chris, limiting the amount of factions in a game or mod balances it out much more and it would take less time to create. Thus I am trying to figure out which nation has stronger more expensive units or weaker units or better navy. I'm still waiting for more information on the game. If there is a beta later I would like to see the way the game functions aka resource management and military management plus different meshes that the game might support (I don't really want to spend 1000 dollars when I could use blender.) I'm guessing gimp will also be usable for textures. It might be really difficult to turn a game which functions on both archers and pikes (other sword units too) into a full archer based game. I hope all of you agree that turning horsemen into tanks is rightfully what had happened back then and don't all go WOW the horsemen just got metal or something like that. Ships turn from wood to metal too you know. As history progresses weapons turn from weak to strong.
  5. Wow it's almost a tie. Obviously some people are not understanding the setting which is a plain with no grass no hills nothing JUST DIRT. The DIRT is too strong to bury in otherwise the weak army would win if of course they would commit to that idea. If there are any more questions on the rules I will answer them. About the strategies which each general have are everything there could possibly exist in control of the setting. The reason why I chose 1000 is because it is so much easier to control them. With 10,000 you have soldiers everywhere and when you are focusing on one battalion you have no idea what is happening to the others. 1,000 soldiers usually have a stronger formation which is as good as having a fort. 10,000 soldiers are NOT PEASENTS. They have a basic understanding of how to fight and defend and that is pretty much all. They hand crafted their spears and have a basic strength. No shields. Archers can be contained on both sides also. The archers in the 10,000 group of units will be slightly less accurate and (less) powerful. (I forgot to include the other types of units elephants, cavalry, and artillery so think of all these as a little less powerful than the 1,000.)
  6. I see your point but again the generals had the same skill level... Let me give an example- If I am correct which I'm probably not, lets say Persians vs Romans. Does this make it more clearer? (My understanding that Persian soldiers are a bit weaker than Romans.)
  7. Well so say you had 10,000 barely trained soldiers that can fight versus 1,000 soldiers that are well trained and well superior. I picked strong soldiers...
  8. Lets not get off the subject! First of all Mexico should be always included but the question is whether or not to include Spain too? Since they are very similar, I'll try to incorporate the same rules for both of them (cultures mainly.) Once I have gotten some ideas on the differences i.e. Mexico has a good food gather rate and Spain creates ships faster. Only time will tell. By the way Age of Empires III doesn't follow any principles of Age of Empires II and I find it a little weird but an OK game.
  9. Of course... I see your point. We might as well wait.
  10. Just wondering if we already did this. If not we could start something like this...? Just a noobish idea of course! We could organize a team...
  11. Industrial age was the very end of Napoleonic wars and the beginning of automatic weapons. So the game will start out with old gunpowder based weapons and end with machine guns, destroyers, etc... I might even add the atom bomb just for fun but that was after Industrial. Forget the Mayan and Aztecs.
  12. I'm sorry I haven't checked the forums in a while. Currently I'm almost done making a scenario in age of empires 3. I will do all of this in blender and gimp and if anyone wants to help me model or texture you are welcome. I will build an ironclad first and so on. Nations will probably be: England, France, USA, Mayan, Spain, Aztec, Turks, German, Pirates (maybe), and Chinese. Inform me if you want a nation. If you want me to add other Indian nations such as Lakota I'll probably make a union of indian nations UIN because the Indians did team up at one point. Post your ideas please.
  13. This will introduce gunpowder units such as the musketeer during the 1800's and continue through the 1900's with Gatling guns, howitzers, etc... Interested?
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