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  1. I agree with limiting to positive reactions. I think "disliked" content should either be ignored, or require an actual response with an explanation. I don't favor a "downvote" option. I think it has its place to help suppress spam-like content, but I don't think we have nearly enough volume to even remotely need that functionality.
  2. If the code is doing an actual case-sensitive string check for the file name, then it wouldn't work on any system without an exact match. If it's a simple file loading, then it should work on Windows even with a case mismatch. If Stan says it doesn't work with mismatched case file extensions, then it's very possibly the former situation. I agree with following Stan's advice though. He's looked at more of the code than I have.
  3. That's not necessarily a bad thing. The white text on the blue textured buttons isn't easy to read though.
  4. Probably would work on Windows since its filesystem isn't case sensitive. I once made a webpage where some of the image file extensions were uppercase and some were lowercase. Worked fine on Windows, but on Linux it failed to load images with file extensions of mismatched case.
  5. Taking the time to commit things counts as actual work too.
  6. @Stan` Perhaps bonuses should just be separately added (rather than multiplied) to avoid confusion and make the arithmetic easier. The order of the bonus wouldn't matter if they were all added to a combined bonus before being applied. [edit] Then again, I usually just ignore the harder to calculate bonuses like diminishing return farms.
  7. I don't think we do. (Lost communication pretty much immediately after attempting to join - due to issues in the country at the time.)
  8. I'm not familiar with gitlab, but I think it's probably still preferred for WFG to host its own repo.
  9. @FeXoR I don't have anything against Microsoft, and they haven't been bad lately. I use the Github repo because we don't have our own hosted git repo. I definitely agree that it's preferable to host it ourselves instead of relying on Github, and I'd gladly switch to a WFG hosted git repo.
  10. Github is owned by Microsoft now, so that's at least somewhat stable (more so than Sourceforge). I think the plan was to host a git repo directly just like how svn is handled currently.
  11. YES! Agree on every single point! I've been wanting this for several years, and have brought it up multiple times. I don't really know why it hasn't happened yet, but recently there has been more support. I still have hope we'll switch to git eventually. I remember discussing it with Philip awhile back. He wasn't really against moving to git, but felt (at the time) that the migration effort was significant, and that svn was good enough for smaller projects. The project has grown a bit since then though. [edit] From conventions I've seen, it's generally "master" and "dev" for very stable and mostly stable respectively, with various other release, feature, and bugfix branches.
  12. The first thing I thought of when I saw the announcement was 0 A.D. I do remember there being ram issues with the raspberry pi in the past since it has to share ram for video.
  13. It's low priority at the moment. If someone actually completed the work, I'm pretty sure it would be merged in.
  14. That makes more sense than what we have. How would multiple capturing parties be handled? Right now there is split loyalty, and the structure is awarded to the player with the most loyalty points when the original owner's points have been fully depleted.
  15. He's busy with school currently. If he starts work on a mod again and has questions, I'll let you know.
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