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  1. Nah, I'd call ya a double poster extraordinare. Jus' saying. Myself, I'm somewhere between a turtler and a rusher.
  2. Hmm. Blender files and dds files. Sounds possible. But then there's the issue of licensing. Oh well - having a tutorial on how to do it (convert the files) would be nice.
  3. Brave chaps. Pity they didn't pop in for a visit.
  4. Myself, I've been using Remobo instead - it runs nicely on all OSes. And it's a plus to be accessible from the web via a subdomain (yourcomputername.yourusername.remobo.com)
  5. /usr/share/games/0ad/ EDIT: It should be located there on all Linux systems, regardless of distro. I believe there was instructions on installing new AIs over in the JuBot thread. You might want one of those.
  6. After being foiled when trying to connect, I had to check to see if anybody else was having problems.
  7. Hello WuzBee! Connecting is done similar to AOE1/AOE2 - no "main" metaserver, but you type in the target's IP address.
  8. Necroposting, but hey. I'd really like to play the map
  9. Nice! Lack of saving games and connection issues have kept away several friends of mine, so I just wanted to give a big thumbs up. Keep it comin'!
  10. I keep half-expecting to see an elf-person there. 0.o Good start.
  11. For your convenience, I have packaged the music available on the audio page in one neat file. I might also repackage the (newer) in-game music if I have the time. Anywho, there's the audio. http://www.mediafire.com/?575bvc5siwnj1a1
  12. Heh. Perhaps the team could team up with various retailers to offer a 0 AD team-supported version of 0 AD (when it's pretty complete) with some additional features (ie, interviews, behind the scenes, more included AI opponents, perhaps a "bonus" campaign.) in stores. At around ~$30, you probably won't scare off anybody, and odds are, the price point will attract savings-conscious buyers. Besides, a little exposure is a good thing.
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