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  1. madness has seized you it's really sad to see it I can not believe That hoppefully it's a joke!
  2. this is excellent Zophim, pictures recently uploaded by me represent Khopesh warriors. I will upload for two handed axe warriors. So i painted these figures for concept art. With a Sea People intruder Peleset
  3. I recently bought some figures to paint. Here is the result I'm waiting for your comments guys
  4. I just found that very interesting for navy concept : http://lakodaemon.co.uk/ships-sea-peoples/
  5. So now what i have to improve in my design doc ?
  6. good research It will help us for the design document thank you MegaMania
  7. I just found this picture Very amazing units will come
  8. Hello dear all, I'm here again excuse me for the long time without you What is the next task for this mod ?
  9. I love it lord good what an impressive work you make congratulation !!
  10. I'm just finishing the sea peoples civ profile give me your counsel for improve it SEA PEOPLE CIVILISATION PROFILE Version 0.3 Edited by Zaphzaph Nota bene : i use some ancient greek terms. My references is a book of Osprey Publishing : Bronze Age Greek Warrior. And an interessant website : http://www.perseus.tufts.edu/hopper/ I've not use phoenician terms because the Sea peoples come from Eagean Sea so they probably spoke Proto-Greek language. Definitely i'm doing this civ profile for create a massive attack and crushing civilisation. This civ will not be good for defenders but more for quick attacks, pillage and finally destroye every ennemies. UNIT DESCRIPTIONS INFANTRY Generic Name: Swordman. Specific Name: phasgana. Class: Swordman. Hacker Armament: Long sword (0.90m). Appearance: I think that would be good that the apparence of these warriors is the apparence of the Peleset ( http://www.salimbeti.com/micenei/images/seapeoples32.jpg ), the Shekelesh ( http://www.salimbeti.com/micenei/images/seapeoples69.jpg ) and the Lukka ( http://www.salimbeti.com/micenei/images/seapeoples14.jpg ) Basic: . Advanced: . Elite: . History: . Garrison: 1. Function: Generic Name: Spearman. Specific Name: Enkhespi. Class: Spearman. Hacker Armament: Long spear ( 1.90m) Appearance: https://encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQxY4BJtoYnIYdaD-NNM6hkc2JAtY9wbi9vM7DcU_31IdZTe5FV Basic: . Advanced: . Elite: . History: . Garrison: 1. Function: - Special: - Generic Name: Skirmisher. Specific Name: Paltaion. Class: Archer. Ranged Armament: Javelin. Appearance: I suggest the same apparence of : Peleset ( so Peleset Skirmisher ), Shekelesh less armored than the swordman. Basic: . Advanced: . Elite: . History: . Garrison: 1. Function: . Special: . CHARIOTRY Generic Name: Ox-Carts. Specific Name: ?. Class: Cavalry Javelineer. Ranged Armament: Javelin. Hack Armament (Passive-Trample): Longsword. Appearance: Basic: Driver. One javelineer. Advanced: Driver. Three javelineers. Elite: Driver. Five javelineers. Mount: History: The sea peoples used to use this chariot when they travelled for quickly settled themselves. Garrison: 3. Function: . Special: This type of chariot can transform himself into civ-center with 5 Ox-carts. SUPPORT UNITS SUPPORT Generic Name: Sea peoples Woman. Specific Name: ? Class: Female Citizen. Appearance: white skin. Skirt, player color. History: . Garrison: 1. Function: Good at gathering food. Has an 'aura' that boosts the productivity of citizen-soldiers around her. Special: -. Generic Name: Priest. Specific Name: ? Class: Healer. Appearance: Garb: . Helmet: None. Shield: None. Figure(s): . History: . Garrison: 1. Function: - Special: "Defiance". Generic Name: Merchant. Specific Name: ? Class: Trader. Appearance: Garb: . Helmet: . Shield: . Figure(s): . Mount: . History: . Garrison: 2. Function: - Special: - NAVY Generic Name: Fisherman. Specific Name: . Class: Fishing Boat. Appearance: Shell: - History: . Garrison: Cannot. Garrison Capacity: 1; support, infantry Function: Gathering: Only method of collecting meat from fish. Special: Garrison a support unit or infantry unit inside to boost fishing rate. Generic Name: Trading Ship. Specific Name: . Class: Merchant Ship. Appearance: Shell: . History: . Garrison: Cannot. Function: Sets up trade routes between friendly Ports. Special: Garrison a Trader inside to boost the amount of trade received. Generic Name: Light Warship. Specific Name: . Class: Light Warship. Appearance: Shell: . History: . Garrison: . Function: . Special: - Generic Name: Medium Warship. Specific Name: Yudhpot. Class: Medium Warship. Appearence: Shell: . History: . Garrison: . Function: . Special: . Because they are "sea" peoples they have the best type of warship navy. SIEGE UNITS Generic Name: Ram. Specific Name: . Class: Siege Ram. Appearance: Two sea-peoples hold a beam . Garb: . Helmet: . Shield: . Figure(s): . History: . Garrison: 2. Special: Can attack the walls but are weak. Generic Name: Pillagers. Specific Name: . Class: Buildings destroyers. Appearance: A sea people with a torch . Garb: . Helmet: . Shield: . Figure(s): . History: . Garrison: 1. Special: Are very good against all buildings and woman ctizen but can't attack walls and weak against all other units type. CHAMPION UNITS Generic Name: Two Horses chariot Specific Name: ? Class: Cavalry Skirmisher and Cavalry Spearmen. Ranged Armament: A chariot with a driver and a warrior with a bow and a spear. Appearance: Basic: . Advanced: . Elite: . Figure(s): - History: Only Peleset can use it when they settled themselves into Canaan. Garrison: 2. Function: . Special: Generic Name: Sherden Guard. Specific Name: Sheridan. Class: Champion long swordman. Appearance: A sherden with heavy protections. History: . Garrison: 1. Function: Extra good vs. enemy cavalry. Trained at the Fortress. Special: Generic Name: Rephaim. Specific Name: . Class: Champion Giant Swordsman. Hacker Armament: Variations between a long spear and sword. Appearance: heavy armoured. History: . Garrison: 1. Function: heavy armour; High crush attack. But vulnerable of arrows, javelins and slingshot Special: . Generic Name: Lybian. Specific Name: <?>. Class: TBD. Champion javilineer or Champion Archer Hacker Armament: javelins. Ranged Armament: Bow. Appearance: History: . Garrison: 1. Function: Special: Trained from Mercenary campement.They will mix with javelins or bows. MAURYAN HEROES Generic Name: Akish of Gath. Specific Name: Akish of Gath. Class: Hero1. Hacker Armament: . Ranged Armament: . Appearance: Garb: Helmet: . Shield: . Figure(s): . Mount: 2 Horses Chariot. History: . Garrison: 2. Function: . Special: "Hero" Aura Increase the strenght of soldier in him aura. Generic Name: Goliath of Gath. Specific Name: Goliath of Gath. Class: Hero2. Hacker Armament: . Ranged Armament: . Appearance: Garb: . Helmet: . Shield: . Figure(s): . Mount: Rephaim Giant warrior. History: . Garrison: 1. Function: . Special: "Hero" Aura Warcry : When he do this all enemy units in his aura will be more weak in a short time. Generic Name: Meryre son of didi. Specific Name: Meryre son of didi. Class: . Hacker Armament: Copper sword Ranged Armament: Javilin Appearance: Lybian Chieftain Garb: . Helmet: . Shield: . Figure(s): . History: One of the greatest leader of the sea peoples confederation. Garrison: 1. Function: . Special: "Hero" Aura ( all bowmen and javelineers have an enormous and incredible increase of their number of arrows shoot ). CIV CENTRE UNITS Melee Infantry: Sea peoples swordmen. Ranged Infantry: Skirmisher. Cavalry: Ox-carts. FORBIDDEN CLASSES Slinger. Cavalry Spearman. Cavalry Swordsman. Heavy Warship. Catapult. Bolt Shooter. Archer STRUCTURE DESCRIPTIONS VILLAGE Generic Name: House. Specific Name: o„k…a. Class: House. History: . Generic Name: Granary. Specific Name: ὅρριον. Class: Farmstead. History: . Generic Name: Field. Specific Name: ἀγρός. Class: Field. History: . Generic Name: Corral. Specific Name: προβατοτρόφος. Class: Corral. History: Basic animal pen. Garrison cattle inside for some kind of bonus (TBD). Generic Name: Mill. Specific Name: μύλη. Class: Mill. History: Resources and building materials were kept in warehouses. Generic Name: Outpost. Specific Name: προφύλαγμα. Class: Outpost. History: . Generic Name: Palisade. Specific Name: σταύρωμα. Class: Palisade. History: A cheap, quick defensive structure constructed with sharpened tree trunks. TOWN Generic Name: Civic Center. Specific Name: φόρον. Class: Civic Centre. History: . Special: . Generic Name: Harbour. Specific Name: λιμήν. Class: Dock. History: . Generic Name: Temple. Specific Name: κόροη. Class: Temple. History: . Generic Name: Barracks. Specific Name: στεγνοποιέω. Class: Barracks. History: . Generic Name: Marketplace. Specific Name: παντοπώλιον. Class: Market. History: . Generic Name: Watch Tower. Specific Name: μάγδωλος. Class: Defense Tower. History: . Generic Name: City Wall. Specific Name: τοίχιος. Class: Wall. History: This type of walls will be very weak in comparison with the other civilization walls. Generic Name: Wall Tower. Specific Name: πύργος. Class: Wall Tower. History: This type of walls will be very weak in comparison with the other civilization walls. Generic Name: Gate. Specific Name: πύλα. Class: Gate. History: . CITY Generic Name: Fortress. Specific Name: ὄχμος. Class: Fortress. History: . Function: Trains heroes and champion units but not Meryre son of didi and Goliath. They could be only found at Mercanary camp. This fortress will also be very weak. SPECIAL STRUCTURES Generic Name: Mercenary camp. Specific Name: μισθοφορικός σκήνημα. Class: SB1. History: . Requirements: Barrack. Phase: City. Special: This type of building can hire Mercenary Units. Like Lybians and Rephaim. You could be also form Hero like Goliath and Meryre son of didi. Generic Name: Temple of Dagon. Specific Name: Ἀνάκειον . Class: SB2. History: . Requirements: . Phase: City. Special: - NEW STRUCTURE TRAITS TBD. FORBIDDEN STRUCTURES None. CIV BONUSES CB1 Generic Name: Awesome Settlers Specific Name: μετοικίζω ἐπαινός. History: The Sea peoples were extremely quick for settled themselves into a new area just conquer. The sea peoples was also well-known for destroying an ennemy settlement and build on their ruins weak buildings. Effect: Civ Center are less expensive but they are more weak. All them buildings are less expensive but more weak. CB2 Generic Name: Sea explorer. Specific Name: ἅλς δ.η.´ω. History: The Sea peoples were as good as phoenician to find their road at sea and for prepare disembarkation. Effect: Sea peoples fleets have a better vision aura and all their military navy can form all units infantry type on the shores. CB3 Generic Name: Best warrior of the world. Specific Name: ἐκπολεμιστής. History: The Sea peoples were the best soldier of every. They crush the Hittite empire and attack Egypt twice. At least they were buildings crushers. Effect: All Sea peoples infantry ( and mercenary units ) have a special bonus against buildings and units infantry or skirmisher. TECHNOLOGIES Infantry: Extramely good swordsman. Average spearman. Good skirmisher. Cavalry: Average. Not as good as Hittite Egyptian and Canaanan Chariots. Naval: Very good. Almost all technologies. Siege: Weak siege weapons or siege techs. Pillagers also count as siege unit. Economy: Farming: Mediocre. Mining: Average. Lumbering: Good. Hunting: Average. Land Trade: Average. Naval Trade: Good. Architecture: Very Mediocre. Defences: Very Mediocre. few defensive techs. SPECIAL TECHNOLOGIES ST1 Generic Name: . Specific Name: . History: . Effect: . ST2 Name: . History: . Effect: .
  11. oh yeah wow it's so great and realistic
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