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  1. madness has seized you it's really sad to see it I can not believe That hoppefully it's a joke!
  2. this is excellent Zophim, pictures recently uploaded by me represent Khopesh warriors. I will upload for two handed axe warriors. So i painted these figures for concept art. With a Sea People intruder Peleset
  3. I recently bought some figures to paint. Here is the result I'm waiting for your comments guys
  4. I just found that very interesting for navy concept : http://lakodaemon.co.uk/ships-sea-peoples/
  5. So now what i have to improve in my design doc ?
  6. good research It will help us for the design document thank you MegaMania
  7. I just found this picture Very amazing units will come
  8. Hello dear all, I'm here again excuse me for the long time without you What is the next task for this mod ?
  9. I love it lord good what an impressive work you make congratulation !!
  10. I'm just finishing the sea peoples civ profile give me your counsel for improve it SEA PEOPLE CIVILISATION PROFILE Version 0.3 Edited by Zaphzaph Nota bene : i use some ancient greek terms. My references is a book of Osprey Publishing : Bronze Age Greek Warrior. And an interessant website : http://www.perseus.tufts.edu/hopper/ I've not use phoenician terms because the Sea peoples come from Eagean Sea so they probably spoke Proto-Greek language. Definitely i'm doing this civ profile for create a massive attack and crushing civilisation. This civ will not be good for defenders but more for quic
  11. oh yeah wow it's so great and realistic
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