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  1. Whew my dad just bought a new 2005 VW Passat Diesel. Very nice, I might say, but it took me a few minutes to find out how to turn on the headlights. German cars seem to be well-engineered.
  2. I really wanted to go this summer, but I doubt I can now since I have a full-blown internship at Parker-Hannifin. Bof. That reminded me of a Monty Python sketch where Eric Idle is doing a political broadcast for the "Norwegian British Party", starts talking about the advantages of the Norwegian economy, and then says how "Norwegian girls will do anything for you, really, you just have to ask, and they know how to do it..."
  3. My family has mostly american cars... but that really isnt much of a good thing The Buick I drive stalled three times on my way home because it had about a quarter tank of gas
  4. now, track has started, so I get to run after school. Most of the team stays inside, but I run outside regardless of the weather (10 F/ 15 mph wind today) then, DANCE DANCE REVOLUTION!!
  5. Go for a run (now I'm doing 5 miles in 30 minutes) or play R:TW I don't have much homework now so everything is bon
  6. School, Rome: Total War, go for a run, eat, sleep.
  7. 4.2 right now, but only because I've learned how to exploit the GPA system at my school. I have, though, had (or earned) several B's over the years. If I graduated last year, I would have been 1 of ~16 valedictorians. But, alas, they changed the system this year so there is only one. Bof.
  8. I... hate... the AMC.. Last year I missed out advancing because of question #1 (the easiest). This year, I only answered 9 and still feel bitter. That test has my number.
  9. I tried ice skating, but I fell so much my heiney got all wet and sore
  10. Arms outstreched in front, all ten (or nine if you lost one) fingers pointed straight. Right leg folded at ~40 degree angle, resting on the left knee which is bent at ~90 degrees. Eyes stare intently ahead, head may be cocked or simply held straight up. Aka 'zen', an esoteric term no one else probably knows.
  11. Ah... the beautiful power rule I hate the quotient rule, which is much messier, especially when you have to find the 2nd derivative with it I am currently doing integration, which I find better than reviewing for midterms
  12. I've been skiing for a few years here at home before going out west with my uncle for a week. I skied at Alta in Salt Lake City; it was just amazing. Now I can't ski in Ohio, out of disgust So if you want some of the best skiing in the world, try Utah/Colorado.
  13. One thing I've been working on is this very long (well only 3k words) essay for IB on cryptography. It's 12 pages total right now, but not quite done. I still need to discuss modular algebra and get more citations in. Anyways, if you're curious I welcome you to give it a skim. I would really appreciate feedback, especially if one section is really confusing to you. I wrote it after studying cryptography for awhile, and sometimes it can be difficult writing to someone who doesn't know anything about the subject. Since I don't think I can attach a file, just PM me and I'll e-mail you a copy (for now).
  14. Thank you very much! I never knew that such a site existed, simple but helpful (especially since I detest hearing MLA blah from teachers all the time) *shuffles link into personal toolbar folder*
  15. Yes... ketchup on pasta is particularly good... Anything to support the Kerry family!
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