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  1. Do'h! I'm an idiot, don't mind me. Thanks.
  2. Philip, getting a new error on latest svn up: ==== Building simulation2 ==== precompiled.cpp In file included from /opt/local/include/boost/mpl/aux_/has_apply.hpp:17, from /opt/local/include/boost/mpl/apply_wrap.hpp:23, from /opt/local/include/boost/mpl/apply.hpp:23, from /opt/local/include/boost/iterator/iterator_facade.hpp:34, from /opt/local/include/boost/filesystem/v2/path.hpp:22, from /opt/local/include/boost/filesystem.hpp:26, from ../../../source/lib/pch/pch_boost.h:21, from ../../../source/lib/precompiled.h:73, from ../../../source/pch/simulation2/precompiled.h:19, from ../../../source/pch/simulation2/precompiled.cpp:18: /opt/local/include/boost/mpl/has_xxx.hpp:344:9: warning: "BOOST_MPL_HAS_XXX_NO_EXPLICIT_TEST_FUNCTION" is not defined /opt/local/include/boost/mpl/has_xxx.hpp:357:9: warning: "BOOST_MPL_HAS_XXX_NO_WRAPPED_TYPES" is not defined /opt/local/include/boost/mpl/has_xxx.hpp:386:9: warning: "BOOST_MPL_HAS_XXX_NO_EXPLICIT_TEST_FUNCTION" is not defined /opt/local/include/boost/mpl/has_xxx.hpp:459:8: warning: "BOOST_MPL_HAS_XXX_NEEDS_TEMPLATE_SFINAE" is not defined make[1]: *** No rule to make target `../../../source/lib/path_util.h', needed by `obj/simulation2_Release/Simulation2.o'. Stop. make: *** [simulation2] Error 2
  3. Haha I'll get on it soon. My job that provides money to support my family picked up a lot of work recently. Great for money in this economy, bad for personal things.
  4. Audacity on my Mac opens the files (though the wiki page says it can't), and I can export as needed for After Effects/Final Cut. Thanks, Venn!
  5. I just wanted to give the 0AD development team a shout-out for their hard work. They're on the shoulders of giants before them, those who have also invested a lot of time. Honestly, you guys work harder for free than a lot of coworkers I've had who get paychecks. Way to go, team!
  6. Gen. Octavian, the goal for the final product is to have a self-installer, just like a game you'd buy off the shelf. memmaker, if I understand your post correctly, you're asking if there are self installers or such for the game's Alpha 4 release. There is this page, which will take you where the latest official release is. That page has a link for two files in order to download the game's files, but you'll still have to compile. I recommend this page instead, which has the full process of downloading files through Terminal. It can be somewhat daunting, but we're working on a instruction sheet that will give a bit more detail and make it easier to follow. The advantage of the second method (downloading all the files through Terminal) is that it allows you to update the game whenever one of the developers updates the files on the public server, and that ends up being several times a week, I've discovered. But don't hold them to that It was certainly handy when the build was giving me an error, and Ykkrosh (Phil) updated a file for me, I downloaded it using the Terminal method, and my game worked.
  7. Any time between now and next Tuesday. I'm going out of town tomorrow till Monday night so I won't be able to implement it till then. What'd you study at Tech? I've got some friends that went there/are going there. People smarter than me, for sure
  8. True. Its brother did come over and help me harvest.
  9. This has probably been suggested or thought of, but in case: I was able to slaughter a baby elephant and harvest it's innards while mommy just watched and grazed. She shoulda kicked my A when I even looked at her baby the wrong way.
  10. Sorry Aviv, I had a post but apparently something messed up. Athens, as in Athens, GA? Did you go to UGA? I'm a Georgia boy myself, so it always intrigues me to meet someone that lives relatively near. Love the voice, and I'm with Jeru & Pureon. Thanks for being willing to help out on this!
  11. Quick Google Search yields this link: http://fbindie.posterous.com/the-art-of-the-trailer-8-top-tips-for-creatin Some basics; and I think we've captured that well. That's a pretty cool trailer (OilRush), I only wish I had a bit more views from what the in-game POV is.
  12. When I read it, I hear a 40-year old man's voice. Though, about the same age and female would work, too.
  13. Awesome. Who's our VO talent?
  14. Aww, gee. Haha. Oh, and I got the PSD. It's perfect, thanks.
  15. I can see what I can do; my home computer is a first-gen MBP, and it runs a little choppy. Plus I don't have access to Atlas. Someone with a Windows rig would be best suited to this, though I'm not sure as to the best recording programs. QuicktimeX allows full HD screen recording.
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