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  1. Yes, as Rob says, we more or less got overridden by real life issues and are no more in shape to keep on with the project. TLA was far too ambitious for 2 or 3 people to bring it on, moreover for a long period we tried to recruit new staff members but finding really dedicated peoples to whom pass the torch proved almost impossible. So we decided to mothball it (it was a general WFG staff decision). I think i must ask our fan their pardon for not writing an explanatory message in the forums and on the main TLA website. There is really no rational excuse a part maybe the fact that throwing the sponge made us feel somehow sick about the situation (at least these were my feelings). In any case there is still much material archived that could be helpful if someone in the future is willing to restart the whole thing (no need to reinvent the wheel). Plus i have the TLA folder stored away in my HD, with some xls files and other draft work made by the team. Still i think it could be a nice idea if the 0 a.d. project reached its final stage before starting TLA again, thus benefitting from the existence of a final and stable version of the major sister-project and maybe from the help of some of the "no more so busy" members of 0a.d. staff. Till then, a big thanks to all you for your ideas, support, comments and criticism. For me it has been a really exceptional human experience, and i thinlk i'll bring it on with me in the future. Best to all Matteo (aka Rohirwine)
  2. This is a bit uneducated quote: who ever established that parents are perfectly sure about when their children will be able to run?In my experience (with my nephew) parents do not have a clue about the day their children will be able to walk, not to mentioning running...
  3. I fell between the dock and the sailing boat i had to moor. It was a 12,5 tons boat... ...i can assure i beat every short distance swimming record known since the reopening of the olimpic games...
  4. Sorry for double posting the birthday, somehow i managed to miss your BD thread Chris...
  5. ...our Tim's birthday! Hoooray! Huzzay for him! Happy birthday, dude! Hope you had a nice one...
  6. My compliments guys: well done! BTW: did u included WFG community in the traditional "we wish to thank...", for counsels and criticism i mean?
  7. The same reasons why i bought that car (plus, it has a real whallop of cargo space, and it's very comfortable for everyone, rear passengers included).
  8. I imagine american and european taste for cars differs a bit, but anyway: u cannot have a sleek sportscar-like shilouette with that kind of car (and the Fiat Doblò is ugly, anyway, i agree). ...it smells of PVC, Polyvinilic leather, plastics... ...i guess it smells of "new car", i guess
  9. I'm very sorry, my deep condolescences...
  10. lol! Is that cap a basque? Good one... :DB) BTW: as a professional quirk a had a brief look at the shelves behind u... ...X-Wing, SiCity 3000...
  11. Thanks for the nice comments. Well, a Golf wasn't what i needed. I needed a spaceful vehicle, quite "rough" to be driven over quarrel roads without worries (it's quite high over ground: 17 cm., roughly 6 inches and something), with a diesel engine to spare fuel. Spacious enough to let me drive without my knees just under my mouth (even most station-wagons i tried did not respect this basic requirement): VW golf did not meet these requirements. I'm quite happy of it being a Renault, it has good reliability(another issue). I know Fiat is not going well (financially), but his last models are not so bad, i simply "stumbled" upon this occasion (it was brand new and quite discounted) wich i could not find for the similar Fiat model (Fiat Doblò: see image attached below)
  12. Yes, and it has as much space as an assembly hall!
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