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    Games, coding, editing but most of all play with game engines and make funny mods!

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  1. I saw this project called PORCHWIND, if someone is interessed can you look on this link: http://kadevelopment.swedishforum.net/t1-porchwind-announcment
  2. Hello, I just want to tell that the ARPG project PorchWind has possitions aviable if anyone is interested in develop ARPG.
  3. Can I edit the layout and icons in atlas editor? On trac it says that engine and that stuff is writen in c++ so can I use visual c++ 2010?
  4. Sounds good but maybe still mediterean intead of middle eastern beucase its more like arabian countries for me? Or what do you think?
  5. Thanks but I allready try to apply the Rise of the East mod. But thanks anyway
  6. Ok not really but maybe Italy?
  7. Thats a lot to be fixed but thanks for liking it! And my english isent very good but im learning every day
  8. I used your movies and some of the desktop pics on the website and made this: Click here!
  9. My vid really sucked so I made a new one: Trailer
  10. The project will not get in development beucase both the programer and animator. And then my friend (Design) leaved to. And here are I completly alone sooo...... yee, so nothing will happen with it as I look on it now....
  11. Niiice! The far east at this time is very interesting and ther arent so much good games about the east.... maybe AoE 3 Asian Dynasty but I didnt find the fun in that game...... whathever heres a sudgestion: Maybe a Mongol faction shulled do good?
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