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  1. darn! I am in. So excited! Good thing i have holidays this period! OH one question, Since this idea comes from the counsel of modding... is modding allowed? Or maybe only certain types of modding, like eyecandy, graphic enchantments or triggers....
  2. hey welcome I thought: woo Amish brother is also here welcome to the game!
  3. And the statue of Poseidon the Magnificent ruler of the ocean [i know overdone render but I love Bloom and Lens Distortion]
  4. Hey guys. Managed to pullout my dusty blender on a free saturday: Need to create a specific texture for the building with the many windows. and there will be a small poseidon statue ontop.
  5. Yeah it is, but it's probably also the one that requires the most skill and practice So i advice to go with the poly-editing first and learn the rest when the time is there
  6. its a shame;P Indeed the inmobilzer and the republic assault ship
  7. You can find tuts everywere, just look around the web. Google is your friend! if find this site very intresting http://www.blenderguru.com/ You have to look yourself though. there are expirenced and less experienced tutorials. I think this one is a simple one: http://www.blenderguru.com/videos/how-to-create-realistic-outdoor-lighting I've watched all of them. but be sure to also actually Do some of them.
  8. My path in lowpoly hoplite models. Crossing 2 years of experience for sure. Don't stop! just go on. just try something. you don't like it? try better. Or just go on with another idea, i'm sure you have plenty! Your model there looks great. makes me think of age of empires 1 ! Just not really sure about the grass beneath it. its to large. Never give up! You can scale multiple at the time by just selecting them while holding shift or use the selection box you can give diffrent objects the same material. instead of clicking on Add New you click on the little sphere left from it and select the same texture You can put models in groups with [Ctrl] + [G]. and merge objects together with [Ctrl] + [J].
  9. Don't know about the easiest way but what i did here was just poly editing. just like the way you made the temple. You'll never hear me say making models is easy. You just need patience and practice. And maybe there is a way to do it with that other program and import it. or possibly blender has a way of his own. but this will give the best results in low-poly.
  10. A few monts ago i had this idea. So i did the Guard tower of AoM! I also made the AoM greek towncenter papercraft ready but i haven't build it yet. if you want, I'll upload the pepakura models so anyone can print it himself. I was thinking about making my roman quinquireme model in paper but i'm first doing this drumkit:
  11. I guess the particle thing is hardcoded right? or is it done with scripts? I wanted to mess with it a little. Effects like Grow and Zhirnk and velocity change over time or sines and cosines would be cool. Also emmition shape (cube, spehere, cylinder) is i nice one. The alpha change time. so the can appear suddenly or just smoothly fade in. I think it's also nice to put a wind constant somewhere in the envoirement editor so there is a single value applyable to all partilces with the <affected by wind> tag or something. and is it also possible to set models as particles instead of only textures?
  12. You should ask rob. I used to know as much as him, then I took an arrow in the knee. "jup" - "only the demo release from last year" Whatever I don't know yet, but probably not. And we designed the mod to fit in with the other 0ad civs
  13. hey fans, glad to hear you like the mod so much that you want it to be finished. Well to speak the truth, we are more like in a sort of coma.^^ The mod is still in our minds to be finished, but i don't know if it will be soon or later, but it will be once. i promise!
  14. nice job philip the catmull fuctions does have some weird glitches at the sharp bends though
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