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  1. I cannot find the Bake option. I read in some wiki blender pages that it should be in the bottom of the Render menu, but maybe in Cycles render it is not there?
  2. Seems simple, i will get around to texturing in this way one of the models and then upload it here. Currently i am working on my Byzantine set, i saw some thread about the Empire, not sure if that project is still active though
  3. I use Blender version 2.6.3 Will have a look, thanks...
  4. Interesting. How do i "bake" the textures all in one image? Never done that before.
  5. Hi Pureon I will have a look, although my work uses blender internal textures (easier for me to manipulate) and although by now i can uv-map, it is tedious and not really needed for most of my work. Which is why i mentioned the strategic map. Also you already have some great modellers around anyway The finished Greek and Mauryan sets:
  6. Hi Ludo, thank you Those you quoted were made with Bryce, and cannot be exported. I am now using Blender. Some image of a Mauryan set i am making, using concept art found in this forum
  7. If they are needed. However i do not model anything in the scale of the game map buildings in 0 ad. Which is why i mentioned the old comment about the strategic map city models And civIII currently uses such graphics, by others and me. We are full 3d by now.
  8. Hi, these were made as sets for civIII. After some discovery it was possible to have huge cities in that game
  9. Hello again By now i have become reasonably familiarised with Blender. I can export collada files, and recall that you once wanted some strategic map city models (campaign map). Here is what my cities currently look like: I hope you are all well
  10. Thank you Feneur I am currently creating a city with a castle. Will have to model a barbican as well. Still learning about Blender rendering and lighting...
  11. A week later, i am a bit more familiar with Blender. Here are two of my models:
  12. Yes, it is a blender question, not really a specific 0 ad one. But i am making some 0 ad usable models too. Any need for japanese medieval buildings?
  13. I finished my greek temple, but it needs a shadow. I know it is done with a plane, but am unsure about the correct way to achieve it. I tried asking in the blender forums but my thread has not yet appeared there since i have less than 10 posts... Anyone can provide an answer?
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