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  1. This brings back such memories. Makes me glad that I have an extra copy of AOE Gold!
  2. My 2 cents: To my knowledge there is just a lot we do not know about the Iberians and naval warfare. Thorfinn's suggestion makes sense. Also, we could add to the Iberians some Celtic warships, maybe one unit or two, acting as mercenaries in the Iberian player's service or what not. But I don't know if it would be supportable. Something to consider, nevertheless.
  3. Awesome! I loved to play Empire Earth years back. I still have the original disk, though I lost my copy of AoC, so this is a real boon. There was some real good campaigns out for EE and The Art of Conquest back in the day. Does anyone remember "The Principality"? That, and "After Crécy" were my favorite campaigns for Empire Earth.
  4. Always nice to see new faces on the forums. Welcome to the Wildfire community Andreas and hudyge! Great selection of RTS games you name, Andreas. I have recently started to play Empire Earth again and I must admit I have forgotten just how good it was.
  5. Forud, Yes, Dr. Farrokh is one of the leading scholars of Pre-Islamic Iranian history in the world. I am proud to say that I do in fact own his book, Shadows in the Desert, and I do intend on using it for 0 AD when I am able. I have not read much of it yet, I have not had the time, but so far it is proving a great and useful work. Thanks again for your interest in 0 AD, Forud.
  6. Forud, Thank you for your contributions. As I don't know much Persian I can not comment on your accuracy but I do want to correct you on one point. As far as I am aware asabari or asabaran (depending on linguistic context) is a real Persian term that is used to denote medium or skirmish cavalry. I have seen the term used primarily to denote the cavalry of Media and Arachosia during the Achaemenid, Hellenistic, and Parthian periods.
  7. I had a feeling this might come up. I know I use the term Germanics in my articles but to be brief I just can not think of anything better. German or Germans is not correct for 0 AD's time frame as the Germans did not exist at the time and would not for some time. I have seen some scholarly articles on the Later Roman Era that do use the term Germanics to refer to the northern enemies of Rome. I believe this to be acceptable. If you have any concerns, please let me know.
  8. Just wanted to post to say that I have a new blog. It is called 'Asian Siege Warfare' and can be found here: http://asiansieges.greathistory.com/ I have already worked on it for a while now and I am almost done with my first series. I am going to try to work at updating it on a more regular basis. The website is owned by the Weider History Group, for whom I have done most of my freelance work. I am still working getting printed in one of the magazines though. Anyway please check it out.
  9. Yes indeed! Thank you everyone and congratulations to Tilanus_Commodor for his win.
  10. In general the ‘Celtic’ language is divided into two branches: P-Celtic which includes the languages spoken by the Gallic and Brythonic Celts. The other is Q-Celtic which includes the languages spoken by the Celtiberians and Goidelic Celts. Of these among the best understood is Gaulish, which covered much of modern France, Switzerland, the Benelux, Northern Italy, and parts of Germany. Gaulish also spawned a number of dialects, the best known of which was the language of the Galatians in Asia Minor. Another well known case was Lepontic, native to Northern Italy. Unfortunately the Celts did
  11. Hello everyone, Sorry for the shameless plugging but I just opened my first blog today, which I am calling Tactica Guerilla. I don't have anything up yet beyond the introduction but I still want everyone to know about it so they can check it out later. This is very exciting! Tactica Guerilla
  12. Hey everyone, Well I have decided to post this little article I wrote to commemorate the breaking of the Ottoman siege of Vienna in 1683 on September 12. The Christian victory here was the harbinger of the future and the Treaty of Karlowitz which ended the Great Turkish War over a decade later changed the entire dynamic of relations between the Ottomans and Europe. Venimus, Vidimus, Deus Vicit The Ottoman Siege of Vienna On September 12th, 1683 a date 325 years in the past from yesterday, the armies of the Ottoman Empire under the command of Grand Vizier Merzifonlu Kara Mustafa Pasha were
  13. Well everybody I just got an article I wrote put up on the website of the magazine Armchair General. As it turns out they have a new feature called POV or Point Of View in which the writer writes the situation and asks two questions. The readers then post their answers and in two weeks the author's gives his answer. All very cool. Well I managed to write something up about the Battle of Nicopolis in 1396 and it got accepted and put up. As part of the short bio of myself I had to write, I mentioned 0 AD. The editors at AG made that mention into a link to the game's homepage. Check. It. Out! N
  14. The Kingdom of Kush forms an important phase in the history of what is now Sudan and parts of northern Ethiopia. While much of Kush’s history is outside 0 AD’s time frame it is important as it leads into the Meroitic Period. Which stands today as among the most important of the pre-Islamic African cultures. The Assyrian invasion of Egypt proved to be the beginning of Kush’s end. The 25th Dynasty of Kushite kings who ruled over Egypt in what has been considered one of history’s greatest ironies, was brought to an end in the mid 7th Century. Despite a spirited defense by both the Pharaoh Taharq
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