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  1. For modders who have been actively working on ancient civilization mod especially on Middle Eastern civilization, Armies of the Ancient Near East 3000BC to 539BC by Nigel Stillman, Nigel Tallis could help modders to understand the organization, tactics, dress and equipment in Ancient Near East.
  2. I found some interesting articles that suggest the Ptolemaic Kings prefer to employ kleruchies (land granters) instead of natives and some of the mercenaries mentioned that the Ptolemaic Kings are the best paymaster in the known world. So i think the team should do more research on the Ptolemaic military structure.
  3. I suggest Jugurtha, enemy of Rome.
  4. The next preview, the Sassanid Dynasty: Figure 1: Payâhdag-î Nîzagân (levy spearmen) formed the bulk of the Sassanid army, they are peasant levies and their number consists more than three quarters of the Sassanid army. They are good for siege warfare when they need most of them building siege mines, guarding baggage train, storming fortification and excavating trenches but they are really weak in morale, training and not to mention their equipment. Figure 2: Kurds, Syrians and Anatolian who offer their service for the Sassanid army, expert of skirmish and valuable missile support
  5. Exactly,first campaign of the mod focus on 3rd century crisis, and Aurelian's struggle to reunite the Empire by defeating the Palmyrene Empire and the Gallic Empire, as well as repelling the barbarian hordes from Roman territory. Second campaign starts 311 AD and the dissolution of the tetrarchy and eventually the rise of Constantine the Great and Christianity. Now, i offer you the first preview: The Palmyrene Empire Figure 1: Palmyran regular foot archers, many Palmyran archers served in Roman army and he could probably regular Roman soldier in Palmyran service. He's armament
  6. Welcome to Invasio Barbarorum: Restitutor Orbis(Rome: Total War mod) forum, here's some sneak peek preview before we start the faction preview: Figure 1: The Praetorian Guard may lost their influence during the 3rd Century AD but they still exist with a different look, Scale mail , Heddernheim Helmet, hasta, spatha and scutum have become standard armament for the Praetorian Guard. Figure 2: Although Auxiliary in the 3rd Century AD use the same armament like the Legionaries but they cannot replace the legionaries. This unit was armed with Niederbieber Helmet with neck guard, scale mail or
  7. I'm not sure what period display by the team, anyone have any idea?
  8. Great novel plus great novel, my favorite.
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