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  1. Yay! I just posted my Numantine War one, Paul.
  2. Oh, and who could forget the amazing Taunt 098: STFU n00b.mp3 (inside joke)
  3. Hey Foe Hae! Do you recognize my user name?
  4. Yeah, those are really good articles. PS: Paul, when are you going to post my Numantine War?
  5. our, whatever. . WE REACHED 600!! Goal before 2006: Have 600 of OUR members to be posting atleast once. (Happy now, Paul? )
  6. Naw! Of course they don't get closed! If they did, 99.99% of the threads on this message board would be closed!
  7. Ha! I think it is a little bit funny how of your about 600 members, about 200 of them never posted.
  8. That should be a cheat unit!! (Like the cobra cars in AOK)
  9. Dnas finding out ---> Pressuring Me To Join ---> Historian Applicant ----> Registering
  10. Oh, well, I told him to put "expect for Paal_101". See?
  11. Hey! What's up? I like your "I_Would_Say is so awesome" thing. Who told you to post that? :P
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