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  1. 3DS is powerfull indeed. Unlimeted fantasys can be born inside the power of editing, thats why i love it ! Im not into moddeling myself much though. Im more into triggering like hell Good luck on learning rich, and alot of fun doing so.
  2. Er... Im sort of a fan of 0 a.d. , like most of you are. And well, im planning to join this thingie going on. Helping in every way that i can Mostly by beeing active on the forums, and maybe helping. I got some nice triggering skills... Well, some more about me : Age : 17 Male Belgium Active... 15 hours a day in weekend, 6 at school. So, yup . How did i get here ? er... Mythos_Ruler and some other people. But i asked mythos if the makers needed any help in testing, triggering the maps. (yes im aware that the beta testing isnt for next week) So he made me introduce myself. So... thats why im here i geuss =/ Merry Xmas btw
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