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  1. Yay! I just posted my Numantine War one, Paul.
  2. Oh, and who could forget the amazing Taunt 098: STFU n00b.mp3 (inside joke)
  3. Hey Foe Hae! Do you recognize my user name?
  4. Yeah, those are really good articles. PS: Paul, when are you going to post my Numantine War?
  5. our, whatever. . WE REACHED 600!! Goal before 2006: Have 600 of OUR members to be posting atleast once. (Happy now, Paul? )
  6. Naw! Of course they don't get closed! If they did, 99.99% of the threads on this message board would be closed!
  7. Ha! I think it is a little bit funny how of your about 600 members, about 200 of them never posted.
  8. That should be a cheat unit!! (Like the cobra cars in AOK)
  9. Dnas finding out ---> Pressuring Me To Join ---> Historian Applicant ----> Registering
  10. Oh, well, I told him to put "expect for Paal_101". See?
  11. Hey! What's up? I like your "I_Would_Say is so awesome" thing. Who told you to post that? :P
  12. You know, longbows are the reason the English did so well against the French. For example, in the Hundred Years War, sure the French eventually beat the English, but I mean, they lost a lot more than England did. The French outnumbered the English pretty badly. Longbows were the "secret" of the English's success. Also, Agincourt, the English massacred the enemies guys (they were French, right... yeah it was the French... yeah...., correct me if I am wrong, but I think I'm right). Conclusion? Longbows pwn!
  13. I like "other" the most. I like IPB the second most except on the following (two) smilies: and Those, standard (and other) are better IMNSHO.
  14. Yeah I know - I was kidding
  15. Oh I see. Which is more.... Which do most people use.
  16. Yeah I'm pretty sure there are no longbows in 0AD period. But there are other bows, right?
  17. Oh. Is it similiar to GMAX or something?
  18. Yeah, I suppose you could have the banana in the game.... I like your taunts FlipBizcut, especially the villager ones (I like - "Look at that, He actually sent his Villagers to fight"... would be good on AOM if someone does a Ra villie rush )
  19. Yeah but you couldn't put the banana in the game, could you?
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