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  1. Sorry everyone I have been gone from my darling computer and I couldn't post here. Anyway I don't really like italian food since when I was eating Italian food last I threw up 4 times in one day of course they weren't in a row but yeah thats what happened. You might think it was food poisoning but i thought that too until I had more italian food later that year at a different place. Up chuck at the resteraunt that time. No I just hate my sisters. They're a pain in the 455. Anyway you don't have to worry bakayaro my sister hate forums. They're more into the instant messange thing like yahoo. Even thought I hate my sisters that doesn't mean I don't like girls I just think girls are mean and I don't want to get married unless shes an anime lover, game lover(Final Fantasy of course), bubbly and sexy. That is the perfect wife in my eyes but since i probably won't find her, I won't get married.
  2. Do threads like this get closed for being off topic? Anyway yeah you really didn't have to translate it for me. I finally got a dictionary on kanji and Japanese for Christmas. Your picture was really good Yiuel.
  3. Good luck with that and if you win you have to tell my all about it. Why? BecauseI love Japanese Stuff especially anime. Also if you could give me some titlews of the books you use that would be awesome. go win it all.
  4. What? No Final Fantasy or Anime jobs. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I want anime. Oh well. Anyway yeah Kanji is pretty awesome.
  5. Yes, do your best. Henshini go-go Baby.(Viewtiful Joe 2 is awesome.)
  6. Opps sorry I haven't been on too much had to manage my website and stuff. Anyway I to am trying, trying, to learn Japanese and I use Japanese Symbols. 幸せな投稿は皆幸せな休日を過し。 (Happy postings everyone and have a happy holiday.)[basically thats the gist]
  7. I never liked Italian food since, The Incident. I just put that thing about 16 forums since all the other ones judge by how many forums or post you have. BTW David , Nathan didn't tell me to write it. He actually wrote it.
  8. Hi everyone, I'm Oberinjenkai. I found this message board from my friends - Dnas and I_Would_Say. Here is some info about me wether any of you want it or not. Name: Clayton Age:13 Hobbies: Love to play Final Fantasy, so if there is any staff job involoving playing Final Fantasy 24/7, I'll take it. I love anything Japanese especially Anime I'll take the jobs for anime too, and some other stuf but I'm too lazy to do anything about it. Oh BTW I_Would_Say, aka Nathan is awesome. David isn't bad either, but Nathan is the best dang historian there is except for Paal_101. David couldn't make a historian if he wanted too. Dislikes: people that are racist and don't know it.(for example: people who hate anime, just kidding.) My sisters, and Italian food. Information: I hate my sisters and Italian food. I forgot what else I was going to say. Anyway Hi everybody!! PS: You may think I am a n00b because I am new on this forum, but I am lead posters in the other sixteen forums I am registered.
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