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  1. It is strange how all of Canada can agree about Hockey (Inner self laughing out loudly). But, I don't listen to olympics much, I tend to have problems with the whole concept, that I think partially flawed.
  2. I'm waiting for Madagascar to have its medal
  3. With Klaas's comments, I changed them a little bit. I tried also a few others. The second one (Manga-Anime) is a little bit charged, but I took a chance on it.
  4. I'm not a GREAT supporter of the Green Party, but I do fear that project, as I am a Kyoto Accord supporter. Same thing about the ame-misi-defe-plan.
  5. I have my own reasons : I am bored with centralizing federalism (and with the Tories, well, I am not pleased by other ideas) and I am bored with the Bloc, always yelling Quebec Quebec Quebec (I live in Quebec) : Canada is not only Quebec, wether you are Regionalist or Centralist, think globally. But, I will probably never find my "panacée", a regionalist party... So, totally bored, I chose the party that holds the ideas closest to my stand.
  6. I say at least there is a minority I am not pleased by those results, as most values and ideals Tories have I do not share, but, I am at least half-happy because of the minority status. I voted Green Party (as 4% of those who voted), if anyone cares.
  7. Here are new versions. For the first banner, I have reduced the opacity of the 14 names, and I have modified the text. I also added a small heptacle of green and blue, behind the main name. For the second one, I hesitated between blue and green. I truly prefered the blue, but I wasn't sure, because then, most of my subsites will be blue-colored. Oh well, it's just better. I also added a few details. And the text is also less opaque, so it's not as annoying.
  8. Here is what I have yet about my website, two banners, one about Sakamoto Maaya, a Japanese voice actor and signer, and the other one is the Island of Melville. I'm slowly building my site... How are they?
  9. Et voilà, A new year has begun. Have a happy new year, everyone And some are already in their second day, and some don't care a lot about this day. Oh well, just have fun then
  10. You don't actually need a "earthly territory" to create a micro-State. You only need a Constitution (Set of Fundamental Laws defining the State) The Constitution itself shall define whatever is relevant about the micro-State : - its Juridiction : to whom or what or where does it apply? (My Melvillian Constitution goes as far as defining a When : it applies as long as there is someone adhering to it) - its Government : how does the State maintained together, how people live together? - other basic laws that you wish to protect against daily evolution If the first two are rather easy, the thrid point can be tricky. To give a real-world example, South Korea was tricked by its constitution, when it tried to move its Capital city from Seoul : as it was written in the Constitution that the Capital was Seoul, a Constitutional amendment (usually harder to obtain than a law) was necessary, so the project was turned off as unconstitutional, however good it would be... Ours will not involve such... gravissime issues... but take care to not overrule the Constitution, or you then actually overrule the people, and hence, bye-bye State, even if micro.
  11. I was given this flag when I was 18 years old. Actually, it is my personal flag, representing dozens of things that would be long to explain in the too short time I have this morning. It is also the flag of one of my concountry (artistical creation of a country). The two other people that are with me on this photo are conlangers, people whose hobby is to create languages. (And, as a side note, we are also all conworlders.) I am the rightmost one, you can only see my head and part of my read kanguru (sweather).
  12. If I ever was made to eat human flesh, well, I'll ask from where it comes from. If he tells me North America, I will not eat it. Perhaps would it be easier if it was from Japan or Europe. The best would be from the Amazonas, actually. But, I'd eat it only if I was offered it as an ceremony of anthropophagy, or if noone told me it was human flesh. As for the copy, it's a copy, I wouldn't bother at all. Oh, I know I want to eat dog meat one day.
  13. I was scared... I'd rather buy Rigel-the-Lighthouse (bêta orionis) than a useless black hole. But I think my pocket would be too small for either, and my budget too small to buy any star, even the tinyest.
  14. I placed two identical faces. The first one, dubbed "The Quebecker", refers to the place where I actually live. (On top of Montreal, in Quebec, eastern part of Canada) The second, dubbed "The Melvillian" refers to the place where I ultimately intend to live, perhaps where my deadstone would be placed (As I have no intention for my body to be buried.). It is in Extreme Northern Canada, on Melville Island. It seems a cold place (and I will not deny it), but the landscapes are so marvellous. the website i have linked to it contains photos of the island, look under île de Melville.
  15. I've read a little about Secularism, and it flows right where I think, that is, the "irrelevance of religion in my life".
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