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  1. It is strange how all of Canada can agree about Hockey (Inner self laughing out loudly). But, I don't listen to olympics much, I tend to have problems with the whole concept, that I think partially flawed.
  2. I'm waiting for Madagascar to have its medal
  3. With Klaas's comments, I changed them a little bit. I tried also a few others. The second one (Manga-Anime) is a little bit charged, but I took a chance on it.
  4. I'm not a GREAT supporter of the Green Party, but I do fear that project, as I am a Kyoto Accord supporter. Same thing about the ame-misi-defe-plan.
  5. I have my own reasons : I am bored with centralizing federalism (and with the Tories, well, I am not pleased by other ideas) and I am bored with the Bloc, always yelling Quebec Quebec Quebec (I live in Quebec) : Canada is not only Quebec, wether you are Regionalist or Centralist, think globally. But, I will probably never find my "panacée", a regionalist party... So, totally bored, I chose the party that holds the ideas closest to my stand.
  6. I say at least there is a minority I am not pleased by those results, as most values and ideals Tories have I do not share, but, I am at least half-happy because of the minority status. I voted Green Party (as 4% of those who voted), if anyone cares.
  7. Here are new versions. For the first banner, I have reduced the opacity of the 14 names, and I have modified the text. I also added a small heptacle of green and blue, behind the main name. For the second one, I hesitated between blue and green. I truly prefered the blue, but I wasn't sure, because then, most of my subsites will be blue-colored. Oh well, it's just better. I also added a few details. And the text is also less opaque, so it's not as annoying.
  8. Here is what I have yet about my website, two banners, one about Sakamoto Maaya, a Japanese voice actor and signer, and the other one is the Island of Melville. I'm slowly building my site... How are they?
  9. Et voilà, A new year has begun. Have a happy new year, everyone And some are already in their second day, and some don't care a lot about this day. Oh well, just have fun then
  10. You don't actually need a "earthly territory" to create a micro-State. You only need a Constitution (Set of Fundamental Laws defining the State) The Constitution itself shall define whatever is relevant about the micro-State : - its Juridiction : to whom or what or where does it apply? (My Melvillian Constitution goes as far as defining a When : it applies as long as there is someone adhering to it) - its Government : how does the State maintained together, how people live together? - other basic laws that you wish to protect against daily evolution If the first two are rather easy, the thrid
  11. I was given this flag when I was 18 years old. Actually, it is my personal flag, representing dozens of things that would be long to explain in the too short time I have this morning. It is also the flag of one of my concountry (artistical creation of a country). The two other people that are with me on this photo are conlangers, people whose hobby is to create languages. (And, as a side note, we are also all conworlders.) I am the rightmost one, you can only see my head and part of my read kanguru (sweather).
  12. If I ever was made to eat human flesh, well, I'll ask from where it comes from. If he tells me North America, I will not eat it. Perhaps would it be easier if it was from Japan or Europe. The best would be from the Amazonas, actually. But, I'd eat it only if I was offered it as an ceremony of anthropophagy, or if noone told me it was human flesh. As for the copy, it's a copy, I wouldn't bother at all. Oh, I know I want to eat dog meat one day.
  13. I was scared... I'd rather buy Rigel-the-Lighthouse (bêta orionis) than a useless black hole. But I think my pocket would be too small for either, and my budget too small to buy any star, even the tinyest.
  14. I placed two identical faces. The first one, dubbed "The Quebecker", refers to the place where I actually live. (On top of Montreal, in Quebec, eastern part of Canada) The second, dubbed "The Melvillian" refers to the place where I ultimately intend to live, perhaps where my deadstone would be placed (As I have no intention for my body to be buried.). It is in Extreme Northern Canada, on Melville Island. It seems a cold place (and I will not deny it), but the landscapes are so marvellous. the website i have linked to it contains photos of the island, look under île de Melville.
  15. I've read a little about Secularism, and it flows right where I think, that is, the "irrelevance of religion in my life".
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