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  1. Hi Am not sure this is the right forum for this, its not forum problems bur a gaming web site. And my problem is that I can't get my register to work at all. I used HTML code to make a register. What do I use here ?? <form name="cyber_imperia_register" action="http://cyberimperia.webs.com/register.html" method="POST"> Is this a code ?? <html xmlns="http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml"> Is this code the same ?? <html xmlns="http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml"> <HTML> How can I do better ?? <input type="text" size="50" TABINDEX=1 value="Enter your Citizen Name here!"> <input type="hidden" citizename="Language" value="English"> I can do this till its no more code, but I guess you get my point ?? And here is my full code for register page. I have a register in its own page, so you got it all for that page. <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.1//EN" "http://www.w3.org/TR/xhtml11/DTD/xhtml11.dtd"> <html xmlns="http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml"> <HTML> <body> <FIELDSET> <STYLE TYPE="text/css"> <!-- CIH1 { color:green; font-size:10pt; font-weight:900; font-style:italic; font-family:sans-serif; } --!> </STYLE> <form name="cyber_imperia_register" action="http://cyberimperia.webs.com/register.html" method="POST"> <br/> <div align="center"> <CIH1> <input type="text" size="50" TABINDEX=1 value="Enter your Citizen Name here!"> <input type="hidden" citizename="Language" value="English"> <input type="text" size="50" TABINDEX=2 value="ReEnter your Citizen Name here!"> <input type="hidden" citizename1="Language" value="English"> <input type="text" size="50" TABINDEX=3 value="Enter your email here!"> <input type="hidden" email="Language" value="English"> <input type="text" size="50" TABINDEX=4 value="ReEnter your email here!"> <input type="hidden" email1="Language" value="English"> <br> Email must be valid for registration, so do not cheat <br> <br> <input type="text" size="50" TABINDEX=5 value="Enter your Password here!"> <input type="hidden" citizen_imperia_pw="Language" value="English"> <input type="text" size="50" TABINDEX=6 value="ReEnter your Password here!"> <input type="hidden" citizen_imperia_pw1="Language" value="English"> <br> <br/> <!-- Gender frame --!> <text><big>Gender</big></text> <br/> <!-- <image>man</image> --!> <input type="radio" name="group1" TABINDEX=9 value="Man">Man <!-- <image>woman</image> --!> <input type="radio" name="group1" TABINDEX=10 value="Woman">Woman <br> <hr> <br/> <!-- I agree frame --!> <input type="checkbox" class="check" TABINDEX=11 value="1">I agree with the terms <br> <br/> <!-- 2nd part - Not on the top - Middle of the page --!> <text><big><big>Birthday</big></big></text> <br> <text><big>Day Month Year</big></text> <br> <select> <option>select an options</option> <option>1</option> <option>2</option> <option>3</option> <option>4</option> <option>5</option> <option>6</option> <option>7</option> <option>8</option> <option>9</option> <option>10</option> <option>11</option> <option>12</option> <option>13</option> <option>14</option> <option>15</option> <option>16</option> <option>17</option> <option>18</option> <option>19</option> <option>20</option> <option>21</option> <option>22</option> <option>23</option> <option>24</option> <option>25</option> <option>26</option> <option>27</option> <option>28</option> <option>29</option> <option>30</option> <option>31</option> </select> <select> <option>select an options</option> <option>January</option> <option>February</option> <option>Mars</option> <option>April</option> <option>May</option> <option>June</option> <option>July</option> <option>August</option> <option>September</option> <option>October</option> <option>November</option> <option>December</option> </select> <select> <option>select an options</option> <option>2009</option> <option>2008</option> <option>2007</option> <option>2006</option> <option>2005</option> <option>2004</option> <option>2003</option> <option>2002</option> <option>2001</option> <option>2000</option> <option>1999</option> <option>1998</option> <option>1997</option> <option>1996</option> <option>1995</option> <option>1994</option> <option>1993</option> <option>1992</option> <option>1991</option> <option>1990</option> <option>1989</option> <option>1988</option> <option>1987</option> <option>1986</option> <option>1985</option> <option>1984</option> <option>1983</option> <option>1982</option> <option>1981</option> <option>1980</option> <option>1979</option> <option>1978</option> <option>1977</option> <option>1976</option> <option>1975</option> <option>1974</option> <option>1973</option> <option>1972</option> <option>1971</option> <option>1970</option> <option>1969</option> <option>1968</option> <option>1967</option> <option>1966</option> <option>1965</option> <option>1964</option> <option>1963</option> <option>1962</option> <option>1961</option> <option>1960</option> <option>1959</option> <option>1958</option> <option>1957</option> <option>1956</option> <option>1955</option> <option>1954</option> <option>1953</option> <option>1952</option> <option>1951</option> <option>1950</option> <option>1949</option> <option>1948</option> <option>1947</option> <option>1946</option> <option>1945</option> <option>1944</option> <option>1943</option> <option>1942</option> <option>1941</option> <option>1940</option> <option>1939</option> <option>1938</option> <option>1937</option> <option>1936</option> <option>1935</option> <option>1934</option> <option>1933</option> <option>1932</option> <option>1931</option> <option>1930</option> <option>1929</option> <option>1928</option> <option>1927</option> <option>1926</option> <option>1925</option> <option>1924</option> <option>1923</option> <option>1922</option> <option>1921</option> <option>1920</option> </select> </CIH1> </div> </FIELDSET> <!-- 4th part- footnote only --!> <div align="center"> <p> <a rel="nofollow" href="contact" TABINDEX=12>Contact</a> | <a rel="nofollow" href="terms of service" TABINDEX=13>Terms of Service</a> | <a rel="nofollow" href="privacy" TABINDEX=14>Privacy</a> </p> <p>Copyright © 2009 Cyber Imperia</p> </div> </body> </html> If you know where I else can ask for help with this problem, let me know. Am using HTML as a basic coding with XHTML with CSS and JavaScript, to get better style. As for PHP am yet to get that working. Am using free webs for this browse game. Any way here is my site if you need it. P.S. If any one can make me a good but simple register "code" for my users to my site, am grateful for all the help I can get.
  2. Hi Am not sure this is right forum for this, if not movet to the right forum thanks for all help and sorry for this. My question is: Am looking for a browser tool to make a game. Is there someone know that torque engine used to make a browser game ?? Torque engin is a client so this is not used to make a browse game, I think. Any idea ??
  3. hi all Am not sure this is the right forum, but I hope so. I just want to say: HAPPY X-MAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL.
  4. Thanks I have done that, and it's working now, thanks.
  5. Game like AO, SWG or other games use this cap. So do they mean the same way?? I think as a max number or something you can’t go further. But I also think is a divide of a number, so they can't go so fast to a max number, something. It's only therefore I ask, for am be confused what its mean. Am sorry if I didn't use FAQ, because it didn't answer my question at all, so am sorry for that. I have used FAQ many times before but normally they don’t give me an answer for my question.
  6. It’s something I wonder and that is: ....assume a cap of 150. When some one asking about cap, what does it mean??
  7. Thanks guys. Be like starcraft, warcraft is nice and I like it. I hope I have the opportunity to play the game.
  8. thanks. A 3d game = online game ?? Am sorry for this, but I have trouble to see the different of this two game. 3d game is for me, like civ3, alpha centauri and online game is for me, like ao, swg, la2, neocron2.
  9. Am sorry maybe am blind, for I can't find it. Where can I download oad game? How do I pay for it? Where do I find the web site, if any?
  10. SRY I forgotten, this is for feedback, so maybe this will be moved to where it’s belong, the forum was so nice so I forgotten where to posted, am really sry for that.
  11. WooW nice forum guys! Thanks for the new forum, it's very nice design. When did this happen??
  12. Do you have problems???????? With this forums or servers????? I tried to login but its take very looooooooooonnnnnnngggggg time to get in!!!! But here are am at last. B-)
  13. ok am try to remember that, thanks
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