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  1. This is awesome, I could spice up my knowledge of the Greeks once more.
  2. Limburg rocks! But to give this post a bit usefulness: Dutch is actually the sixth language on the internet, behind English, French, German, Spanish?/Portuguese?/Chinese?/Japanase?, something like that. So I guess a Dutch translation would atleast have some logic. The question however is, would Dutch people really want a Dutch translation? Some things just sound stupid in Dutch!
  3. Would be kind of brute to finish off children in the game...
  4. Actually about any 3D forum I know also has a 2D section, which basically is the same as texturing since it uses the same techniques etc. Some even have a special forum for texturing. Not that I don't like your initiative, though.
  5. I think having the possibility to change teams is useless in 0AD. The point of this game is to eliminate your enemies where in other games, like EU2 (I don't really have another good example ), you fight your enemies for land or gold, which hardly is the case in 0AD. So depending on what land you're trying to conquer you switch alliance. In EU2 it even has quite some negative effects when you annex your enemies, which obviously isn't the case in 0AD either. The only use such an option could have is that the game continues even when your original enemies are off the battlefield. Which of course brings the problem with it that the cities of you and your allies are situated closely to another and probably one of the two (or more) will already have the upperhand because it came out better earlier in the game, or perhaps hardly partook in the conquering of your old enemies.
  6. The fact that diplomacy is hardly present in RTS games like Age of Empires and 0AD isn't very strange. There are only a limited amount of players on the map and getting stabbed in the back by your ally is far from enjoyable. In M2TW I hated it when I had just started a war against one of my foes and my (ex)ally would attack me aswell. Also sue for peace in M2TW is something I never understood and never got around it. Meaning I was constantly at war with everyone until I conquered them all. Anyway, games like 0AD are too "small" to really include real life diplomacy. When there are 15 players on a map it'd be nice to create your own alliances etc. but with 4 (I think the standard game is 2v2) there's hardly any use. Not to mention that 3v1 would be very unfair where 4v3 is already more balanced. Games like Europa Universalis really offer good diplomacy (although probably still rather limited for the 'size' of the game) which is fun aswell. The advantage that a game like EU offers compared to 0AD is that it can also be fun to not do so much, playing with a small country can be very enjoyable too eventhough you cannot conquer your (larger) neighbours. Where 0AD is only fun when you conquer and not doing anything military is very boring in my opinion (although some surely disagree).
  7. What has actually changed? When I look at the old textures and compare it to the new I hardly see any changes. Only the armour colour on the right texture has changed, for the rest I can't find anything.
  8. Woohoo! Awesome. Argalius, 18. Oh btw, you say there're from Belgium, but at their site it says their postal address is in Nijmegen, which isn't very far from me and really is the Netherlands.
  9. That sounds very good. So if I understand it correctly units/buildings will have 4 textures, one with colours, one with player colour (black and white image I assume) another with transparency and the last a normal map (does 0AD use them or not? Or only in special cases?). Right?
  10. I've a little question, which doesn't require a new thread so I post it here. I guess player colours are created with alpha maps. But can player colour be used anywhere on the models? Because with AoE3 it's only possible on specific areas on the model which is coded into the model itself. And if it's possible everywhere: how do you combine player colour with transparency?
  11. I had one for 3 days during my university's introduction! It was from Grolsch (Dutch beer) it said Grrrr.
  12. What I understood from previous statements is that mods can be shipped with a scenario. So the mod is incorperated into the scenario and all together it's just one file. So no special installation needed there and you'd still be able to play online.
  13. I used to have 4000+, that was until the post in the Fun & Games forum didn't count towards your post total anymore. But yeah, I don't really like to spam around anymore. I'm working on my own mod project for AoE3 and through that I really got a lot more respect for the WFG team and I understand some of their choices better etc. "Luv ya guys!"
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