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    0 A.D. ofcourse, fool. What kinda question is THAT?

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  1. Duuuuude are those persian AND carthaginian elephants in ONE screenshot...omg that's totally awesome, great screenshot. Why are the smaller elephants not mounted though?
  2. Hi there. I wanted to know what kind of formations will be in the game. I assume a normal square formation will be there, but can a unit of soldiers make: A phalanx? A testudo (legionary's only)? A wedge formation? And: the orb(anti-cavalry)? orb: Ramon
  3. I don't say GNU/Linux is no good at letting you play the game, I know the companies just refuse to make the game for GNU/Linux, but that doens't take away that there aren't alot of (graphically) good games for all OS's except windows and I wish it was different but it isn't. Oh and by the way I read that article (I know some French, I live near France) and yeah, they're right but still
  4. To do all you want? Well, I want to play games with very good graphics, something linux at the moment can't provide for me. Thats my point, no reason to get upset here.
  5. uhm yeah I'm not poor so I can actually afford stuff and I use Ubuntu and Suse on my other computer, for important stuff like files that must be protected (because there aren't as much viruses for Suse and Ubuntu) but for decent games, Linux etc. just blows, you gotta admit that (except for 0 A.D. though )
  6. Don't worry about that, I'm not such a jackass who that leaves after 1 day and took all your precious time for nothing.
  7. Ok I filled in the application form and I made some samples. I asked in the app. form where to send my samples. I think (read: hope) you all will let join
  8. the viruses is not windows of microsofts fault, it's those idiots fault who make them solely for windows, I hate those ****** But quite recently more and more viruses are coming out for mac and linux too, sadly
  9. Ok great I'll start tomorrow recording some things
  10. Well I have developed an excellent english (american or british/australian like) accent, know quite some latin (some greek too) and know how to correctly pronounce both Greek and Latin, can do Arabic (Persian?) accent, and I can talk with a barbarian 'touch' to it, and I got a microphone, and yeah my voice has broken so I don't sound like a 12 year old (I'm only 15 though) So voices would be rather interesting, but I think most of that work is done, so too bad I already promised to do the dutch translation when the game comes out too.
  11. Nah I was just joshin' I'm not insane or anything, but still 0 a.d. is one of the most awesome things in my life right now, but ya I do think I'm gonna have problems with my girl if this game comes out But in all seriousness yeah I'm not addicted to this game (well maybe a little, ok not really, ok yeah really) but I'm fine. Can't say it enough, you're all doing a great job, and thank you for doing it. edit: and you know who else who I should thank? The Romans, Greeks, Celts, Persians and all other Ancient Civilisations...oh yeah! It's all thanks to you Ancients, with your marchin' and your fighting and your conquering, this is all thank to you, you made this happen you guys. You know what? Give yourselves a round of applause, come on, you deserve it, you deserve it. Applaud for the Ancients, give em what they deserve!
  12. I'm also really excited about this game, and I agree with their policy that they want to bring out a complete, bugless game, but YA I REALLY WANT IT RIGHT %@ NOW...wait a minute, gotta take my chill pill again. heh, gonna love this game more then my girlfriend...
  13. ubuntu, linux, suse, mac...WHY if you can have Windows Xp Ok I admit Vista really blows but XP = ownage
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