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  1. Yeah well, they got my shipment details and I got no complains from them so I guess "my" part was ok I've sent an email to ancient warfare magazine several minutes ago, I hope they could solve this issue.
  2. Thanks. Should I have received some account details or ? I got other theory. You said the winner is MAXDARK , but I am MAXDDARK - it's still me, but you might misspelled it.
  3. I haven't got ANY issue yet. P.S maybe it's because you haven't sent me the account details (if I should have them ?)
  4. I know it's free and all and I should not complain , but it's the 25th here in Israel and I still haven't received the Ancient Warfare magazine. what should I do ?
  5. Dev's any news on the diplomacy aspect ?
  6. When can we expect the magazine to arrive each month ? (and the closest date). Have they shipped out yet ?
  7. yeah, common typo I am a Linux user and I use Linux all the time.
  8. I've seen a screenshots months ago that you showed a "transportation bout" with several warriors in. I would like to suggest you to stick to more realistic graphics. I mean the bouts should be much bigger, and the heads of the warriors smaller.
  9. Thank you all. It was my first win even. And no, I didn't really leave you ever...I am anticipating your game and I value your efforts and research of making this game. When can we accept a Linux beta ?
  10. twice as fast * 2 man = 4 as fast or if it's too much, 150% as fast (of those 2 man) could do the trick. CheeZy : I figured out it's just a matter of balance , trial and error. nothing you can't handle. and the tree animation falling down, it's a simple one... I'm not close to being a programmer and this math scares the @#$% out of me, but I understand that THIS (man radius) is not SO complicated as there are things FAR harder then this. P.S from your reply I understand that you also notice that the roman solders in the back fighting air...same problem. nothing you can't handle.
  11. after I saw the video release which was great I want to make a comment and ask a question it seems that the tree chopper standing to far away from the tree, could you make him closer ? and how it's gonna work , will it be realistic like in AOE that you need to cut the tree that he would fall down first and then "extract" wood from it , or will it be like in warcraft that you can "extract" wood from it while it still standing up ? P.S just came up with an idea. what if you choose 2 workers to chop trees, wouldn't it be great that in this cease (with 2 workers) they had a saw (after upgrade) , instead of an axe and could work twice as fast ? just a thought.
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