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    Currentely Working on a mod for Age of Kings called Battles of Middle Earth<br /><br />Founder of modpack design team- Silmaril Studios (website comming soon)

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  1. I like this idea, its kind of been done already though (turn based format) it was called "Imperialism" and made by SSI. Its setting was basically early-mid 19th century to the end of WWI. Basically includes all the major factions present in WWI as well. Very complex and difficult but still very fun.
  2. I think a historically accurate WWI game would be extreamly boring and frustrating. Maybe as a grand strategy game it might not be too bad, but I don't think it would work very well for an RTS at the scale of 0AD or AoK. The game play would be: select a whole mess of units, rush the enemy posistion, watch them get mowed down by artillery and machine guns, get tank technology, who ever has the most resources wins.
  3. I made a demo a couple months ago, it simply showed some of the new buildings that had been done. However that mod is now very out dated, I have started a team that is working on the mod abd we have made alot of progress. Units are now well under way (we have a dragon, Noldorin Cavalry, and Olog Hai completed. Also the Blarog is around 50% complete and an orc is being worked on.) I have also finsihed all of the Numenorean Buildings, a meber on the team produced some rivendell buildings, and I am currentely working on buildings for the Ruins of Osgiliath. Our team, Silmaril Studios used to have forums, where all the updates could be seen, but there have recently been some problems with them.
  4. We are going to different schools, and I'm not nearly as busy as he is. However I am usually doing other things in my free time other than working on my mod but it is comming along. I won't be seeing Adam until Thanksgiving, but punching him in the stomach after he has consumed large amounts of Turkey could have some interesting results...
  5. Thanks for the introduction! Here is some stuff I forgot to post, My real name is Kyle, and I am currentely attending Miami University (The college in Ohio, not Florida). I am a freshman and studding Architecture. Some hobbies and interests of mine: Modding, stratagy games, Role Playing games, Halo, and Tolkien, I also used to run track and cross country back in highschool.
  6. Hi all, I finaly decided to register on the WFG forums. I am av_nefardec's brother, and I am currently working on a mod for agoe of Kings called Battles of Middle Earth.
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