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  1. Yeah, just popping in to say hello. I haven't been very active for quite a while and I have searched the forum but haven't seen this mentioned yet. What types of compression will be implemented in the game? For example, map compression, network compression, etc. This is an important topic since massive amounts of data need to be transfered for online games. The complexity of a game like 0AD requires large amounts of bandwidth to transmit all the data. This data includes unit types, unit locations, player resources, map events, and it must all be done in synchronization. To minimize out of
  2. Desmond and I saw it. It is the funniest movie i have ever seen. Go see it now! -Note: This probably isn't a movie you want to bring girlfriends to, or children. It almost has an NC17 rating, but it made the R.
  3. Screw that, i can't get enough of this stuff. I mean, it is simply the best. I need more! More i tell you. I am going to download all the albums from all of those artists. So there. jk
  4. Are you 1337? If so, please explain how 1337 you are and why you think you are that 1337. If you don't know what i am talking about, then you aren't 1337. I had to bring up the 1337 since it hasn't been brought up before.
  5. Yes, you heard me. Phishing has been officially outlawed in California. Phishing in case you didn't know is to, "...solicit, request or induce a consumer to provide personal information by using e-mail, Web sites or the Internet to fraudulently impersonate a legitimate business." So basically the passing of this law means less of those fake PayPal emails that request you to input your account number and password because an "invalid transaction" has occured. Then when you look at the web address, you notice that you are on a site like: "" So you know that
  6. Yes, i am glad i got some serious discussion going on here. So you guys now understand where i am coming from when i say scn to rms converter.
  7. Actually, when i said that it could be converted to code, i was thinking in sections. For example, the game engine would read the map and divide in by the tiles on the map. It would then get the objects on each tile and average elevation of the tile. It would then rearrange the tiles as well as objects on the tiles, such as trees, eye candy, etc. Once it re-arranged the objects on the tiles, it would then re-arrange the orders of the tiles themselves, such as placing a tile with trees on it next to the other tile with trees on it to create a large forest. The image above represents a scen
  8. What i would think would be really cool is a Random Map Script generator. You make a scenario and you want to convert it into a basic random map script that keeps the basic triggers(time delays, lighting effects, messages, trigger for a specific generated unit death, etc) and also creates the random map script based on the buildings, trees, specific units, terrains, eye candy, mountains, and water to land ratio. I just think it would be neat to be able to convert advanced scenarios into a script that changes the rules every time you play your scenario. Things just don't get old that fast the
  9. That is by far the best mugshot i have ever seen Desmond. Here is a pic of me in deep thought. http://img323.imageshack.us/img323/3758/me...lymedium7hv.jpg
  10. I tried to set my computer up as an FTP server but failure only occured. I tried several times but to no avail. I had port 21 forwarded and computers could connect to my FTP server. The only problem is they didn't get a response. So it looks like the computers can send messages to the server but the server can't send messages back to the clients once the connecting computers connect because they seem to time out. I checked i and i know that the FTP servers use port 21 for incoming and 20 for outgoing usually. Maybe my router is being retarded. I tried some passive modes too by setting t
  11. I guess i could do that, but it would be very difficult to do especially with all the firewalls/routers and other security measures people have these days. Windows Messenger file transfer didn't even work for me because i had a router but they fixed that with the newer MSN Messenger. Plus I am new to programming and messing with an internet protocol would be difficult to me. I made this utility to improve the functionality of the MSN Messenger file transfer.
  12. I see your point because i have trillian too, however, the best messenger for the MSN Messenger network is still MSN Messenger. It is newer in design and with the MSN Messenger Plus plugin, it has to be the most powerful messenger program out there. The Plus program can be found at: http://www.msgplus.net/ Detailed info about what the Messenger Plus plugin does can be found here: http://www.msgplus.net/features.php It has cool features added to it like Boss Protection(hit a specified hotkey and messenger disapears ), auto accept feature(automatically accepts files from specified contacts whi
  13. Yup, Desmond and I got in trouble for launching model rockets. I was pretty pissed. @CH Now i know where you live because Uppy says she remembers when you were under the bridge. Therefore you must know her in real life so therefore you must also live in Washington State. I think i just did.
  14. Hmm, 95 degrees F (35 C) outside at 5:30PM according to my atomic clock which has a wireless thermometer that i put outside. My room is a nice 72 degrees F (22.2 C) Yum.
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