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  1. I'm taking the ACT this saturday so any one have some test taking strats? How hard is it really? I've taken several practice tests which were kinda hard. I just completed my junior year.
  2. I'm you're typical red blooded american 17 yr old... so I want a hummer - sighs - I still have about 60K to save... L O L! Anyway, nice car there rohirwire.
  3. So guys, what up with the Naval Aspect of 0 A.D.? I really haven't seen or heard much about it. I feel that naval warfare has been extreemly innacurately portaied in nearly every RTS game. I really hope that 0 A.D. doesn't follow that tradition. So, I have some suggestions: 1. Fleets should be placed in formations just like infantry. 2. Ships should be MUCH larger (I understand that it is impossible to get the correct scale do to map size issues but.... i think they should be atelast a little larger) 3. Ships should hold a garrison count. 4. Ships should have an upgrade system - instead of building a catapult galley, simply upgrade individual normal galley to catapult status. (or ballista increased garrison count... etc depending on civ.) 5. Ships should be boardable. Example: you have 12 units garrisoned on a galley and you attack an enemy heavy galley that has only 4 troops... a little on board skirmish is fought and your remaining guys take the heavy galley.) You would simply choose the stance of your ship: Defensive, Agressive, Stand Ground, or Boarding stance. If placed on boarding stance it will auto board the first enemy ship.
  4. What is an engien??? did you mean 'engine'? plz explain.... looks like the balance has been tipped... to yes! but this thing is not over.
  5. I have never played Close Combat games... they sound interesting though. As to WFG creating one, it still seems that it's a tie between yes and no. YET there are 5 votes for maybe.... rather confusing. It looks highly contraversial. So, I have 2 suggestions ( it's already been discussed... sort-of) 1. How about WFG finishes one of it's projects and then invests the manpower from that game into a seriously awesome WWII RTS game. 2. Begin the WWII project now... the project wouldn't start in earnest for a few months. during that time there would be a web page for it, and the begining of some ideas - basicly a side project for the time being. Personally I feel that it would greatly increase the growth of WFG. Why? Because lots of ppl are interested in WWII, think how many games include it... think about all the books in the library about WWII... WWII is a popular subject. So, I feel that you would have no trouble finding ppl to work on the project. That's just my opinion...
  6. Give us a couple BO, and anyone else that wants to. BUT ONLY 2. Here are my 2. supply: If a unit is not in supply he gradually loses HP. He is supplied by being inside the proximity of a Town center (tile range of 20 in every direction), supply cart (range of 5,) , or very close to natural reasources such as berry trees and animals. Units don't cost food, only gold. Food is deducted - 2 per 1 pop every 20 seconds. so if you have a pop of 200 ppl in supply, 400 food deducted every 20 seconds - In 1 min that's 1200 food. Food would have to be recieved faster too! Good Ground: If a guy is fighting in a particular tile (such as on a hill or in a destroyed blding) he lives longer. there would be 4 types: flat, high, rubble, and forest.
  7. All good points, and I wasn't saying right away. Nor was I saying exacting detail... that would be a horrible - games would last for weeks on end. But I do hope that trains, better units, etc... get implimented into future WWII games. Also, I was talking RTS - not FPS - FPS is more accurate in their own way, though it's very difficult to compare the two styles... Looks like a tie, who will break it?
  8. Hey yall! I've been doing a massive WWII research paper for school and I realized how much RTS games lack. (examples from Empires:DOTMW) Think about it, a guy shoots a range of 5 or 6, but a panzer shoots the same?! There are NO trains; absolutly no supply. People revert completely to mechanized warfare. Oh, and no industry. Get my drift? So, has WFG ever considered making a true WWII RTS game? If not, let's talk.
  9. Hey Yall! Long time no see... Well I just came up with an awesome defence system. Here's how it works: you have 10 levels of defence, all buildings can be defended, there are 2 types of defence - Military and Home - Military, any military building can defend itself better than home - walls, towers, barracks, stables, etc. Home, cheaper and easier - all economic buildings. Levels of defence, take a tower, for example, when you click on the tower it will show attack, range, HP, but there will be a level button, this button shows its level. If you click this button it will upgrade the level of defence for a price: stronger HP, greater garrison level, and different graphic. Defencive stuctures are worthless until they are garrisoned, garrisoning does not count toward your pop. You see, the level system starts out, garrison 5 and ends up garrison 30 - making an impossible defence, but this is kept in check beacause of the enomous price by that time, and that would be only 1. At level 10, a tower is called a castle, the most powerful Military building, trains several types of units. Another thing this does, is take a basic town centre, equivalent of a settlement in Empires, if this building reaches level 10 defence, it becomes what is called a citadel - the most powerful military or enconomic building, garrison 40, it trains citizens, and 1 infanty, cavalry and artillary type - self sufficiant.
  10. 117! We also compared your answers with others who have taken the test, and according to the sorts of questions you got correct, we can tell your Intellectual Type is a Precision Processor. This means you're exceptionally good at discovering quick solutions to problems, especially ones that involve math or logic. You're also resourceful and able to think on your feet. And that's just some of what we know about you from your test results. THAT IS AMAZING, that is EXACTLY my.... Intellectual personality. Wild! There was 1 question that was a mistake. The one that you were supposed to figure out the jumbled words... ENGLAND, okay, in the first place England is a province of the UK, in the second place, there is a city called England in Texas. So I outsmarted them. LOL! Lastly, I don't thinkt that an IQ is very good, they didn't even touch on my computer skill, piano skill, crafting skill, living skill, hunting skill, resposibility skill...etc :-(
  11. You guys are sooo unimaginative. *exasperated* The only one worth doing was SUD's idea of buying a WWII tank as for myself, first I would start a gaming company - utterly top-notch - make millions of more dollars. Ok, now that I have some money to work with I would: Create the biggest laser tag arena in the world, then to add to that, this laser tag would be based off of sci-fi movies(you would have tanks, robots .... etc) then I would build a country(litteraly) I would buy the state of Colorado from the US government, and would conduct trade, and everything, next I after becoming very wealthy in my little contry, I would then buy: New Mexico, Texas, and Arizona(after finding out what the name 'arizona means). Then I would raise an army, and defeat Mexico, after that I would attack the whole of South America. By this time, China had established its colony on the moon - I create the coolest wepons, and defeat them - capturing all their special technology. Then I would buy the states of Wyoming Montana, south dakota and North dakota. I would defeat Canada, And then with the US split in two, and outflanked and being mooned, they would surrender to me - I would have the entire western Hemisphere, and the moon. ROFL - see what you can do with a million dollars
  12. Well... bye guys. I just decided that I could spend my time better, and being a moderator is fun - BUT - very time consuming. I also, was concerned about the people on the forums - honestly, I don't know a thing about the people I am talking to - no offence to those of you who are good. Those are my 2 main reasons - the second is more important; by the way. Well, all the same, I have had a good time here, and WILL play 0 A.D., and I WILL make some more suggestions - but the forums (and moderating) are over for me. Bye!
  13. What random map/campaign game(s) did you find that your tactical skills were the most taxed? When was your greatest victory? Since Empire Earth is just about the hardest game I have ever played, the most difficult game was probably; In the German campagin - the Somme. My zenith - I have played too many random maps... I'd say for Empire Earth; The Date: WW2, the game time - 4 hours, the map - plains, the caualties - over 13,000 all around, it was 3 against 7 - those are the facts, this is the story. The first part of the game was easy, I crushed the first 3 opponents, and then - came the last four. The teal dude was all the way up in the corner, so I had to deal with 3 airforces all at once. finnaly crushed him, then came the green dude - his nukes distroyed 3 armies, and finnaly I won the upper hand. Only two left- maroon, and Orange - as I neared Orange's city, dozens of anti-tank aircraft buzzed the sky... then my AA kicked in and destroyed them, I built my nearby base, and then chared... howitzers blazing, flame throwers flaming, infantry firing, and tanks grilling. Until the snipers came... one moment there were 100 infantry, the next moment there were 100 dead infantry. My howitzers, without infantry support, crumbled instantanioulsy, but my tanks and flak stood. I attempted to reinforce, but all attempts failed... until, in desperation, I put my Panzers (only tanks left) into a circle formation, and my flak into a circle formation just inside the tank circle. For nearly 10 minutes the stood there, nothing could break them. I finnaly reinforced them by placing my rally points in the center of the circle, and I built a bunch of mortars, and howitzers, that were finnaly able to end this guy. the maroon dude died to quick to talk about. So that's my Zenith... how about you. Please post several of your best battles, 1 per post.
  14. Mine is not very good, but I like it because I created it. As to the best avatar: Fire Giant - the Greek shield that has the weird looking dude.
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