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  1. like Minecraft factions but in 0 ad kinda? like an mmo 0 ad with a giant global world and no timelimit?
  2. If a player could be found that has knowlage of how to make this I think this would be very good and give singleplayer more depth, and attract more skilled programmers interested in machine learning
  3. In this mod you have to garrison units inside enemy buildings to capture them, but batallions cannot be garrisoned in buildings, and only battalions can be made.
  4. One big bug, buildings are uncapturable right now because batallions cannot garrison in them
  5. would be cool if there was support for an animation for switching ranges, (eg. a skirmisher visibly drawing a knife when entering melee)
  6. *checks GitHub* (is there a proper forum topic for this project yet?)
  7. There used to be different battle and victory/defeat music for each faction? I wish we had that in modern 0ad
  8. in the super old videos of 0ad I noticed that there was an entire different soundtrack before the soundtrack we know today was composed, does anyone know where to find it? better yet, does anyone know where I can find the super classic version of the game to see how the game changed over time?
  9. Actually that would be a good mod idea, combining citybuilder and war. As right now the civilian buildings are lackluster and with more ceaser style elements you would care about your city more when it is being attacked by the enemy. Maybe some kin of saving feature for the host of local multiplayer games where you could have a continuous multi day game with a friend.
  10. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Saint_Nicholas Mind blown, santa was roman
  11. kind of the idea, after playing a few multiplayer games I hated how the winner was determined by how fast they could fast eco and spam units, instead of who had the best battlefield strategy. And the old total war games where players had to compete over strategic points on the map would be much nicer then being able to build a fort nearly anywhere in your territory in 3 minutes flat. I have plans for a "manpower" system to nerf spamming of troops, similar to in the DIVIDE ET IMPERIA mod for total war rome 2, with manpower as a resource that you start out with a lot of a
  12. SALVEESTEGOFERRVMAVGVSTVSPRINCEPSROMANVM The neo Roman empire of the cyberworld is back with a new mod! A hardcore realism/strategy mod inspired by total war and the likes, for example there will be a bigger focus on capturing premade buildings in a map then literally building a set of city walls in 5 minutes. I intend to look for help from the community and from my roman style gaming community to be able to finish this very ambitious mod. The mod will be a fork of this masterpiece: as many of the planned features already exist there. This mod will: Have a he
  13. I occasionally got error messages but they were more from garrisoning and formations I think
  14. When will the fix for non garrisonable structures getting garrison slots so you can capture them likely be added?
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