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  1. Says No connection could be mad because the target machine actively refused it What do I do?
  2. How can I create my own lobby that is unique to my own modification of my game? How do I create my own usernames list? Do I have to use SQL? AHHHH! So many questions!
  3. The binaries being the EXE file and all the other things needed to actually run the code?
  4. So can I charge the people for the source code? Long time no see btw!
  5. Ok, I am starting work on a new engine, it will have texture loading, model loading, and possibly terrain by next week.
  6. Another thing, could I modify the engine itself, call it whatever I want, then just say it was a modification of the pyrogenesis engine?
  7. Or, I could do like half life and make it where you need to buy the game in order to get the dll's. Could I do this?
  8. Ok, so I could say I made it with the help of wildfire games, correct?
  9. Wait, I can change the Company name on the main menu, but I still have to mention that this is a fork of 0 A.D. in the credits? If that is the case, then that is what I am going for.
  10. What can I change in the 0 A.D. game when I sell it? Can I completely redo the main menu screen and put my name on it, or do I have to keep the Wildfire games logo on there? Can I change the window name and logo? What can and can't I do? If I can change the wildfire games logo on the main menu, I will still mention that I was helped by Wildfire Games.
  11. Do you guys know of any other engine or source code that I can use without facing a barrier?
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