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  1. Says No connection could be mad because the target machine actively refused it What do I do?
  2. How can I create my own lobby that is unique to my own modification of my game? How do I create my own usernames list? Do I have to use SQL? AHHHH! So many questions!
  3. The binaries being the EXE file and all the other things needed to actually run the code?
  4. So can I charge the people for the source code? Long time no see btw!
  5. Ok, I am starting work on a new engine, it will have texture loading, model loading, and possibly terrain by next week.
  6. Another thing, could I modify the engine itself, call it whatever I want, then just say it was a modification of the pyrogenesis engine?
  7. Or, I could do like half life and make it where you need to buy the game in order to get the dll's. Could I do this?
  8. Ok, so I could say I made it with the help of wildfire games, correct?
  9. Wait, I can change the Company name on the main menu, but I still have to mention that this is a fork of 0 A.D. in the credits? If that is the case, then that is what I am going for.
  10. What can I change in the 0 A.D. game when I sell it? Can I completely redo the main menu screen and put my name on it, or do I have to keep the Wildfire games logo on there? Can I change the window name and logo? What can and can't I do? If I can change the wildfire games logo on the main menu, I will still mention that I was helped by Wildfire Games.
  11. Do you guys know of any other engine or source code that I can use without facing a barrier?
  12. And to what @Andrettin said: By giving attribution to Wildfire games, does that mean that I will have to keep the logo on there, or does it mean I just have to say, "I used the Pyrogenesis Engine"?
  13. I, if possible want to create my own game using the bare engine. If you know any way that I could use the bare engine to make my game, please tell me.
  14. to @(-_-) Actually, I have a smaller project in Java that I created to resemble a RTS game. It has a RTS camera, model loading, A* pathfinding, and basic unit selection. I have stopped heavy development on it because of the broken unit selection system. The mouse has to be in a specific place for the unit to be selected, it cannot be in a small bubble. This is what I am researching at the moment. This is using OpenGL and OpenAL.
  15. Yes, I want to make my own RTS game and make my own little mark on history... HAHA!!!
  16. What was this game written in anyways? Also, how did they manage to code these things? I cannot find any documentation on RTS games.
  17. I just do not know any good languages, api's, or engines that I could use (besides/except unity or unreal) that are purely in a language without an editor.
  18. Right, but could I sell the code with the game, or will I still have to give it away for free, regardless of the person buying it?
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