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  1. Don't suppose either of you guys @Lion.Kanzen or @Nescio know of any actual Greek City States of Colonies in Iberia rather than like trading ports
  2. Thank you guys so much, 0 AD has such an amazing and helpful community !!!
  3. Hey guys, I have been looking to create a game with a Greco-Iberian City State faction called Emporion which uses both Iberian and Greek units. I was wondering if anyone knew anything about the social and political structure of Emporion? What style of government did it have?
  4. Have you ever heard of Emporion, I am wondering what's some of their history @av93 I saw they allied with Rome in the Punic Wars but I was wondering if there is much information regarding their history. Also what kind of government it had, was it a kingdom with Tyrants or a Republic? Was it strictly Greek in Emporion or was it Iberian and Greek? Any other just general information would be amazing!
  5. Dude you are an absolute legend thank you so much @Nescio , don't suppose you might know anything about those Greek Colonies along the eastern coast of Spain like Emporion or Rhode?
  6. Hey guys, as the title says were there any Greek colonies in Iberia and if so could anyone possibly lend some information?
  7. Hey guys, could someone possibly help me out? As the title says I am stuck on the difference between Celtiberians and Iberians
  8. I don't mean to be a pain but I have not got that icon there when I am running 0 ad sorry
  9. If I am being honest I don't know how to even tell the difference haha
  10. Thanks for all the replies guys! Just from experimenting I don't know if this helps more but ingame my FPS would drop massively when I moved characters and they looked extremely jittery, I don't know if that might be the cause because other than the ig changes to the characters/units the game doesn't atleast appear to different from Alpha 21
  11. Hey @stanislas69 Thanks for the help dude, I won't lie I am not too good with computer specs and knowing what is good and bad, I tried using that file destination you provided with my name and I couldn't find anything in my Appdata file which had Local as a file. I know a few of my specs if that could help Windows 10 64-bit Processor - AMD A6-7310 APU with AMD Radeon R4 Graphics (4 CPUs), 2.0 GHz RAM - 4GB DirectX Version - DirectX 12
  12. Hi, I posted a while ago about how I lag a lot with about 10ish fps in Alpha 22, when in Alpha 21 I could run the game well. I have tried playing about with the ingame settings but nothing still seems to fix my issue, I was wondering if there has been talk about optimisation of the game or some kind of performance boost for Alpha 23 when it comes out? Would love to play online again but until the next update or a fix is found I am stuck on Alpha 21
  13. Hey guys, thanks to 0 AD haha I am looking at getting some 28mm Ancient Greeks and was wondering if anyone else has gotten any 28mm Ancient miniatures? Looking for some painting inspiration and army inspiration
  14. Thank you both so so so much, you guys are legends!!!
  15. I have recently seen in Rome 2 some Greek factions called Massilia and Syracuse, I was wondering if anyone could possibly answer any of these questions regarding each nation for me. Any help would be greatly appreciated and I thank everyone who has taken the time to read this! It means a lot! Syracuse: - Was Syracuse a Kingdom? - Where did the original Greeks of Syracuse come from i.e (Sparta, Athens, Corinth etc.) - Does anyone know any famous Syracuse warriors or leaders - Who were Syracuse's main allies and enemies - Does anyone know any symbols or banners associated with Syracuse Massilia: - Was Massilia a Kingdom? - Does anyone know any famous Massilia warriors or leaders - Who were Massilia's main allies and enemies - Does anyone know any symbols or banners associated with Massilia
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