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  1. I would not mix everything together. If there are special game modes for random maps, okay. But I would not add dynamical (or so called flexible) things to scenario or skrimish maps, because I think that every creator of a scenario/skrimish map had a particular plan/idea how the map should be played or what the challenge is. But, a modder should still have the possibility to create a special, good balanced scenario or skrimish map that is only playable in such a special game mode.
  2. Perhaps it make sense to use a different number of 'flags' on every map. I have some distribution algorithms in mind, but I don't think that a script would produce a nice distribution for all maps.
  3. hmmpf.. it does not work for me. Now I just edited the xml file. Who is next?
  4. I gave it a try.. not entirely happy about my work, but here is the current version if someone else will edit another part first (I won't have time to edit my part again in the next few hours/days) Question: Is there an easy way to delete particles (like the volcano smoke)? I want to change the location of the volcano. (I was evil and moved the border to the black-grid part slightly :P) Community_Map_svott.zip
  5. Perhaps I have some time at the weekend to add a snowy part
  6. But what is if a player starts with a lower amount of units in a special map/scenario? Then the opponent can see everything in the beginning. So, your simple solution is not a good solution imo.
  7. There is an option for it. Don't remember it right now. The best way is to ask such questions always in the IRC chat. There you will receive much faster a proper answer.
  8. Just check the binaries\system\readme.txt file for the autostart options
  9. " Sorry, we can't show this content because you do not have permission to see it. "
  10. Even a military boot (without extra soldiers on board) can be too dumb to kill a whale. Recently, I was really annoyed and thinking about changing the unit AI. What is the point of moving a bit closer to the whale so that the ship can shoot before the whale is out of shooting range again? Or move very close to animals which are not aggressive? It's the same with ranged cavalry in the beginning phase. Is that behaviour desired that way?
  11. @sphyrth http://trac.wildfiregames.com/ticket/3823 There is open ticket to solve the back to work bug
  12. svott


    But I nobody wants to disable it, then it's not the best way to tell users that there is a reply feature.
  13. Nice work. However, the usable area around the Italian CC looks far too small in my eyes. I suggest to remove a bit of the Southern Alps and maybe add a walkable water path to Corsica and Sardinia. I know it reduces the realism, but a balanced gameplay is more important.
  14. What about a hot-key solution which allows you to attack your own building? It makes destroying of captured enemy buildings very costly (probably too costly) and you still can get rid of your own drop sides or whatever. And it's more realistic (I know that more realism does not mean better gameplay and more fun always)
  15. So many guys were confused about the capturing/destroying think. I think we really should improve the usability.
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