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  1. I would love to see Alpha 24 themed around Asia/Chinese as well with the inclusion of the Hans (even if it took 1 year from now to the release). I have no strong opinion on specific names though...
  2. terrain grid, I suppose Yeah its mainly for aesthetics and also efficient use of building space to a small degree. Furthermore it feels more satisfying / less tiring trying to build houses with same distance to one another or in a certain pattern (more important for single player use or map creation than for multiplayer)
  3. Would be nice though to have snap-to-grid building placement in the options... (has been proposed/discussed before, I don't remember the reason why this is undesirable and still don't see it, at least as an option it wouldn't hurt anybody)
  4. I know from Terasology that they applied several years in a row before they were accepted the first time, and after that they were every year IIRC. Sounds a bit like a hidden queue for newcomers. But persistence will pay off probably...
  5. Today a trac user called "Mike William" replaced the contents of the wiki start page with spam. I restored the contents but I can't delete the attached file (special permission required?). Please correct! Thanks
  6. @Prodigal Son your application makes me write my first post after 8 months... One of the best things I've read on this forums so far, giving me new hope for the future of this game... I wish you and the team the best (may they accept your offer!)... Hopefully gameplay will no longer limit the true potential of 0 A.D.!
  7. Sorry for posting this so early... And sorry @sphyrth for stealing this idea from your April Fool's post. But I think there really is only one choice: Alpha 23 Wololo We certainly know that the term "wololo" isn't complete bullshit. And by adding a new cheat unit we could easily justify that name. Typing "wololooo" should spawn a super monk that will convert all enemies very fast by wololo-ing them. What do you think?
  8. I think something like this would fit best with the original logo style: tm-logo.svg
  9. One could argue that structures must include food costs then. I agree that minimizing micro is a valid point here, but I think 0 A.D. is missing some details that may or may not affect gameplay but create a UNIQUE ATMOSPHERE, e.g. something like children (Stronghold) and structures with animated workers (Settlers).
  10. They could be also interesting in other game modes once relic bonuses/auras have been added.
  11. I could imagine @DarcReaver and @wowgetoffyourcellphone unifying their efforts in creating a coherent design document...?
  12. Best design/gameplay concept for 0 A.D. I have read so far. Would totally go for it!
  13. I feel like it is time to sort topics in different threads in ordner to not loose overview... E.g. "[gameplay] trade system", "[gameplay] resource system", "[gameplay] military system", ... Some ideas and unrelated stuff from my notes for the military system. Sorry that I won't tell much more, I currently have not that much time. Basically I think it would be nice to have more phases to emphasize the development/availability from weak to strong units. Something that mentioned @DarcReaver as well. foundation phase: allows training of support units tech that allows a
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