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  1. Yggdrasil if there was something Norse related which I do not expect... EDIT: since it's a tree we may also use it if a substantial amount of new flora was added
  2. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cholo_(subculture) probably this ^
  3. I agree... 0 A.D. has been quite economic with visually representing game mechanics. Which is understandable given the voluntary nature and limited manpower of the project. Imagine we would have a distinct building set for each phase for each civ (AoE style), that would be an insane amount of work for the very few people capable of doing it in the required quality. However, a lot of effort has been put into visual details regarding historical accuracy (which has been a claimed goal of this project). Many units have several actors representing them (with several shield types, helmet type
  4. Your mod is the first thing I want to try out when testing 0 A.D. in practice again. Unfortunately if I try something new, I do it thoroughly, and right now I see too many conflicts with my time allocation. I think if you can upgrade only 2 champs, they should receive a special bonus besides plain stats and visuals. E.g. inspiration or fear auras etc. Otherwise they will just survive with the hero and fight a bit longer than the rest in case of a lost battle (similar to Agis who is quite useless). These Olympic champions / bodyguards would be tier III champions in my systems, tier I being Spar
  5. @Nescio provides the Spartans with a champion hoplite as a starting unit in D3412. A good first step! I think a good middle ground could be: 1 free champion in village phase (see patch above) champion training in town phase with regular champion stats heavy upgrade technologies and auras in city phase If that would make them too strong, they should be tweaked at other places, e.g. economy, Skiritai, ... Exactly what I had in mind. Spartan hoplites feel good but not overpowered really. E.g. Macedonians have a similar strong infantry unit. If they could 1v2
  6. Thank you for the link, an interesting comparison I have also been thinking that it would be nice to have Spartan hoplites right from the start, however, that will make balancing much more difficult (at least if you want them to be these uber champs I have been describing...) On the other hand, one could argue that they are so expensive that you would completely cripple your economy if you trained more than a handful of them before reaching city phase. Regarding cavalry and Skiritae I have no strong opinion at this point. I would tinker with the other units once I have the feeling t
  7. The ones of you who have a close eye on the recent commits and patches in the queue will have noticed that there are efforts being made to further differentiate the current civs either by unique bonuses and/or buildings. I am assuming that I am not the only one seeing great potential for Spartans in that direction, especially since the removal of their pop penality leaves room for new things. I think it is time to share my ideas from a mod draft made several years ago, but never finished/published. See the following description and proposals as an inspiration for new/alternative/enhanced Spart
  8. I'm thinking about it for A24. No promises though, since there are several exams waiting in the coming weeks. It may be better however to include more difficulties in the vanilla version, since a "very very easy" AI would be interesting primarily for beginners which might not be aware of the presence of such a mod. In general I dislike differentiating AI difficulty simply by tweaking gather/building rates instead of strategic/tactical decisions, i.e. a harder AI shouldn't be harder because of quantity in the first place, but because of intelligence. However that's a huge project on i
  9. Hello @DanW58, if you feel comfortable digging in a game file, you could also mod the AI difficulty in binaries/data/mods/public/simulation/helpers/InitGame.js, line 47 (AI gather rate) and line 48 (build and train time). The second entry in the square brackets defines the very easy AI. Dirty solution: unzip your binaries/data/mods/public folder on your computer, edit the file and zip the folder with the edited file again Elegant solution: create a mod that changes AI difficulties, distributable as .pyromod or downloadable on mod.io (the wiki pages modding guide and mod layout c
  10. @Prodigal Son@Itms@Stan` Are there any news on this? I don't know about your internal plans (though I would like to ) so thought it would be a good idea to encourage you tackling this before entering Beta, otherwise I fear there won't be a major reform to overall gameplay of 0 A.D. ever. Just referring to the post of feneur when announcing the switch at the project leader position, because already at that time it seemed Beta is on the horizon - however I have the impression that I'm not the only person who prefers the necessary overhauls before going forward...
  11. Ok, I can understand your reasoning, though I think depicting differences would still make it more interesting. Vanilla 0 A.D. just seems quite plain to me regarding unit variety (at least compared to AoE II with 35 civs with special units, unique techs etc. or AoM with a lot of choices through primary and secondary gods). The factions could profit a lot from fleshing out more differences, but that's another topic. In the context of this thread I assumed equalizing the stats of women and men was proposed in order to address sexism which is not the best way IMO. Simply because women and me
  12. Good change and thank you for the patch! Apart from what you already mentioned, it also introduced unnecessary micro (which should be shifted to other areas IMO). Disagree. Similar to many animal species, humans do have a sexual dimorphism, e.g. by nature men have a larger muscle mass on average (advantageous adaptation for hunting I guess) whereas women have a higher percentage of body fat on average (advantageous adaptation for pregnancy I guess). Depending on the activity/work, this dimorphism should translate into different work rates in some areas where the differences matter,
  13. I would love to see Alpha 24 themed around Asia/Chinese as well with the inclusion of the Hans (even if it took 1 year from now to the release). I have no strong opinion on specific names though...
  14. terrain grid, I suppose Yeah its mainly for aesthetics and also efficient use of building space to a small degree. Furthermore it feels more satisfying / less tiring trying to build houses with same distance to one another or in a certain pattern (more important for single player use or map creation than for multiplayer)
  15. Would be nice though to have snap-to-grid building placement in the options... (has been proposed/discussed before, I don't remember the reason why this is undesirable and still don't see it, at least as an option it wouldn't hurt anybody)
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