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  1. Of course we are not going to destroy everyone performances, but that's quite sad to see very good players just almost don't play just because they are scared to lose they score. Agree at least that ratings system must have some updates, some changements, or something to make the ratings most interesting and not have a dead podium. Btw, values i use on the first post are exemples, and i totally agree to change them if we need to.
  2. Hi, i'm Cap'tain roc, i have recently restarted play 0.a.d after 1 year of inactivity. Nevertheless, I have noticed something we could upgrade, and that's the rank(ing) system. Honestly, how the rank is made (ranked game > you win you take points > you lose you drop points) isn't the problem, however, the podium almost didn't change (after 1 of inactivity). So, i was thinking, why not make a system that all 1 or 2 months, scores resets or something like that. Why i want to do that ? Let me explain : -> This mechanic will permit to see who can stay the longest on the top (and not have inactive people who stay at top). -> Give another goal on the game -> each season/period you have "something" to do -> It could give access to others ideas such as -> reward like a status/grade -> seasons/league tournaments And finally, one last question is : How we should "reset" the points ? I have some ideas : -> We choose a stage of points (like 1500), and in each end of season/period, you reset to this stage (which is 1500). -> We choose a stage of points (like 1500), and in each end of season/period, you keep the half of all the points above 1500. Exemple, i have 1800 points, the season reset -> 1500 + 300/2= 1650 -> We choose a stage of points (like 1500), after 1500 points, we set a step each 100 points, and when the season reset, you go to the step before you. Exemple: I have 1587 points -> 1500 points ; Other exemple: I have 1812 points -> 1800 points. I hope you found this idea cool, tell me what do you think about this concept?
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