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  1. Hello, i have not been well. My computer broke and i had to repair it but it was difficult due to the times (christmass) and everybody was on vacations, i am a programmer so this is a major tragedy for me. My computer is fine already, but i will be out from the community at least for one more week because i am in a big hurry trying to put my job taks up to date and asking for more time and stuff, you know how it is (i'm freelancer). As soon as i have all my tasks up to date and my clients happy i will come back here, sorry for just dissapearing. You can still post in the 1,000 AD forum, but i
  2. I know about the SVN but still Idawin said it was better to have the SVN to keep checking the game. So, still, download the SVN. I didn't know about the collada thing tho, it is a good then that everything is in dae now, i didnt know that, i will delete that part. It would have been anoying to have to be converting everything from PMD to COLLADA. Thanks for the info.
  3. I have been researching and exploring the files of the game. I will post here all the useful info, tips or tutorials that the rest of the modding team may find useful. The first and most important thing to do is to download the SVN version of the game. There will be a folder called medieval inside the folder mods. That is the main folder of the mod that we will be modifying. I reccommend you to explore the files and modify the javascript files but do it in another folder called "test" and keep the "medieval" clean and only with the shared stuff. To play the game with the mod active you will ha
  4. I just laughed so hard i got hiccups. Lion, se dice "easter" no "eastern", sin la última "n". easter = pascua eastern = oriente easter egg = huevo de pascua eastern egg = huevo oriental Has estado diciendo huevo oriental todo este tiempo XDDDD About the eastern egg idea, i think is good too as long as it doesn't take too much effort that could be centered in development.
  5. Right now, there is not much to do, i am researching and organizing everything, i will post a task thread like the ones in the art forum. Since formal work on the mod hast'n started yet, please wait until Arishia has the logo. Its the only thing missing in the signatures they are very cool right now (i'm already using it ). EDIT: I will post too a thread with info about the programs, file formats, the SVN and how to get them. I think all that should be done for tomorrow. And we could finally start working.
  6. I proposed it already before, i want to create a mod about it but first i'd have to find an animator and a persons modeller/Texturer. Enjoy the Enjoy to you too Loki1950 XD
  7. Arishia will when sh'es back from here break. Do you want to create it?
  8. I am currently working with the civs json pages.
  9. I liked the three of them, I want the project leader one to be gold it looks cool. The rest of them brown. -Prject leader: Gold -Programmer, designer, advisor, researcher: BROWN
  10. Honstly i would prefer that the 0 AD programmers keep programming the vanilla game, however i think i'll have to be mch more in contact with the team, asking you questions or information.
  11. With the changes i think it will be ok. also make a little bigger the word millenium ad.
  12. Make the red part smaller (vertically speaking) and the overal bigger (Horizontaly speaking).
  13. Excellent, just a little longer and shorter at it would be perfect.
  14. Perhaps something like this, it looks more medieval?: The only proposal we have is Millenium A.D. as team name. I like it what do you think?
  15. And remember: We need one signature of each "job": -Project Leader -Researcher -Advisor -Programmer -Designer
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