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  1. Would it take extra loading time to change only the template files, but not load new textures? I'm wondering if it is helpful for me to not load unnecessary template overwrites in my mod.
  2. Hey is it normal that with DE, the Objects take a long time to load into Atlas ?
  3. Hey, I noticed that when arrows impact a unit, they kind of look like they are disappearing into the air. Is this because the units are too wide? Could their actor width be decreased and possibly ranged unit spread decrease to compensate? It would look more realistic.
  4. Then I would need to compile by myself :-p which is hard to do on my PC. It could be the issue. I may try it later.
  5. Not sure where to put this, mods can move to different section if appropriate. I just want to share the different frame rate I am experiencing on A23 vs A24. This is partly because @Stan` asked me about why this might be happening on my machine. I don't know, I am just here reporting that it does. On Acropolis Bay, I get 16ms / frame on A23, but 50ms / frame on A24. One idea I can think of is that perhaps the Snap version(which I use for A24) is slow because of the way it manages it's data.
  6. @Angen The Test mission, where you need to "capture" the ship to complete the mission, kind of reminds me of the stories of Charon. Maybe we could base the storyline along Greek Mythology. Perhaps we could require the player to pickup a coin from one of the fallen persians he has just slaughtered. Maybe our hero gets to the ferry, and presumptuosly hops in the boat without looking at Charon, Charon asks him for his payment, and our hero, sardonically chuckles and flips him a coin from one of the Persians. The mission after this could be in Hades, perhaps, or maybe the river journey. I think this would be a great setting for the MMO as it has the mythological focus of traditional MMOs but roughly the same setting as 0ad. https://folklorethursday.com/myths/a-coin-for-the-ferryman-charon-and-the-journey-to-hades/
  7. I copied over the public folder to my snap folder and it seemed to work, i'm working with the latest javascript but not the latest compiled code. My tests wont necessarily be accurate. Removing these two worked(there was no template_gaia_fauna) for resource collection: template_gaia_flora.xml template_gaia_geo.xml Building is not functional. I still get the same error in the selection buildings. I would think it's easier to copy over the pieces you know are needed to the newest version of the javascript components rather than continue to patch things up? On the MMO_test map I don't lose any hitpoints. But this is most likely to do with the new Resistance patch and I dont have the most recent compiled code.
  8. So how do you use Status Resistance here? Or is that separate?
  9. Ok. Well presently nothing works for me because I DON'T have the latest SVN. I will probably not continue to test this until the next snap release because compiling is too hard to do on this machine. For now I think I'll work on seasons. Perhaps the resource fix was easier than I thought. I copied over the pieces of code that give the mmo functionality from your components to the latest component files, and it seemed to work with your mmo map, but not the resources, so maybe all i had to do is change your resource template :-p Do you know when the Snap packages get updated?
  10. The issue isn't about integrating with the latest svn code. The issue is that the UnitAI and other components that overwrite the other files have drifted apart. I think this is why I get errors such as not being able to collect resources when I play with your mod enabled on a standard map.
  11. That's a good start! Maybe you could do the Dire/Radiant theme. Take a look at the Pompeii map in 0ad. It's what the Angen's first MMO map is based on. You can give the Dire lots of dead trees :-)
  12. You could make an attempt at recreating the Dota or LOL map? Maybe? Angen is doing a great job with the mechanics. I will try to integrate it into the main game and could maybe help you with map triggers later.
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