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  1. Not relating to the Gaulish Wonder: This is again about the troops for the Gauls: In order to differentiate the two factions, the Gallic Iaosae should be replaced with Sotroas (archers) especially considering that the current slinger uses body paint and square/h shaped shields (thing exclusive to the Britons/Picts) as well as some of the level 3 versions fighting with a fur loincloth (something that really needs to be limited to only the Gaesatae for the Gauls). The Sotroas should fight in mostly trousers in level 1, with some wearing a full tunic like the level 1 spearmen, then using a full,
  2. Great, thanks. I was starting to miss those towers... Edit: I also see a lot of new things were added, looks good.
  3. You added them to an older version, but as far as I know it hasn't been updated to the latest version, although I'm not sure if that makes a difference.
  4. Sorry, haven't checked in a while. Looks fantastic. When you have the time to add this wonder in, do you also plan to update the Gaulish towers to the latest version? Well done, though. Thanks for your help so far in my small suggestion, I greatly appreciate it.
  5. So no news about this suggested faction?
  6. Perhaps you could make the stone walls of the Gauls immune to the ram
  7. Welcome to the forums. Nice to meet a fellow South African. Before you I only knew of two 0ad players other than myself.
  8. Just another suggestion that should improve historical accuracy greatly: Sword unit. I know I mentioned this before, but I probably didn't explain enough: it's inaccurate to only make the elite solduros and cavalry units get swords. Historically swords seem more common among celts than spears, and even the spearmen still had a shortsword. Oh and for some possibly correct name for units, some you have already included in-game: Skirmisher=Gaeroas Swordsman=Bataroi Spearman=Gaelaiche Light cavalryman=Leuce Epos Heavy Cavalryman=Brihentin Elite Swordsman=Solduros Archer=Sotroas Slinger=Iaosatae E
  9. Great! Looks really good well done. Woah, just looking at it again, it's actually really beautiful IMO.
  10. Apologies for the double post, and for the off-topic question; where can you find the files for models and textures in 0ad? Also, how do you edit them?
  11. Speaking of your mod, has it been updated to A18?
  12. That's true. Books are basically a combination of characters, usually put in a combination that will make you emotional. Movies and films are books that don't require you to use as much of your imagination, in movies you can see what is happening and experience the emotions from a more realistic (in the terms that you can see how people react etc.) perspective. Games are movies that allow you to take control of a specific character, which often makes you associate your self with them. Due to this, games make you feel like the main character, therefore any hardships that character undergoes mak
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