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Found 8 results

  1. The warfare The Aztec armies had a high level of organization and ordering for combat. The men were divided into squadrons of 200 to 400 warriors commanded by a captain, who wore a large flag on his back to be able to distinguish himself on the battlefield. The chief of the state was the tlatoani, and almost at his level was the cihuacoatl who shared with him the tasks of government. The tlacochcálcatl and the tlacatéccatl were great generals, whose functions included advising the tlatoani on matters of government and declarations of war, presiding over military tribunals, governing the
  2. Hi, I have experience with age of mythology and I begin to play with 0ad on Linux This game is very nice However I don't know how to capture buildings, how does it work? thank you !
  3. How I can do for a captured building, produces units specific units that aren't in the roster of faction. im creating slave market. @wowgetoffyourcellphone The slaves are imperial romans unit but don't work as mercenary camp. Only as market.
  4. This is similar to my Gaulish buildings topic, but this is more detailed. Hi, so once again I come with suggestions for the Gauls, as I still feel they are one of the less detailed civs. Units Currently, they have the cavalry skirmisher, spearman, slinger, foot skirmisher, cavalry swordsman, elite longswordsman and cavalry elite spearman. I was wondering if perhaps one more unit (although this may affect the balance negatively) could be added, swordsman (I think it was Bataroas in EB). Basically, he'd be the same as the spearman, but has a short Gallic sword (this may be unnecessary as there i
  5. Hi guys. AI is back to its old trick of putting all defense tower toward top of map:
  6. Some new buildings don't come with a new icon. #3959 Vesta (WIP) Ceres. I make a mistake but.... can be helpful later this image
  7. References & Concept Art The first task is to find pictures of existing African buildings, we gathered hundreds of pictures of Northern African architecture. However, here we met our first challenge: were not making a set just for the Malians, were having them share their set with another African civ. So we had to make a generic African set, which is not something that exists. Time for concept art! We started with the market as our first building. The reason for this was two-folded. First of all, the market is a building that changes in all ages, so we can use its style and texture as a ba
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