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Found 5 results

  1. I make this topic to ask for some help on references and naming for the celtic helmets. So far i have made thise: Updated 11/06/18 : 17 helmets Total. Agen type: Montefortino: Ciumesti Raven: Ciumesti: Berru: Classic Coolus: Coolus: Crested Etruscan: Crested Urnfield: Marne: Port Alessia: Waterloo: References i have for now: Osprey Rome Enemies 2 Unknow source:
  2. This is similar to my Gaulish buildings topic, but this is more detailed. Hi, so once again I come with suggestions for the Gauls, as I still feel they are one of the less detailed civs. Units Currently, they have the cavalry skirmisher, spearman, slinger, foot skirmisher, cavalry swordsman, elite longswordsman and cavalry elite spearman. I was wondering if perhaps one more unit (although this may affect the balance negatively) could be added, swordsman (I think it was Bataroas in EB). Basically, he'd be the same as the spearman, but has a short Gallic sword (this may be unnecessary as there is already a cavalry swordsman). Another thing is for the spearman and cavalry swordsman. When leveling up, they go from clothing, colourful clothes, chainmail. The Gauls actually had a type of Linothorax and they had leather armour, which could both be used for stage 2. Gallic Linothorax. http://leuki.pagesperso-orange.fr/vaevictis.html These re-enactors use both Gallic linothorax and Leather armour. 4 types of Gallic Leather Cuirasses, this image is from the research from Total War Rome 2. Buildings In the other topic http://www.wildfiregames.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=19377 Gaulish Buildings, I already posted pictures on the types of buildings, but with less detail. Most of the following images are from animated reconstructions of the Celtic village near Bundenbach and animated reconstructions of the Hallstatt town Heuneburg. These are from more eastern Gaul, and a different era, but still Gaul nonetheless. Their buildings wouldn't become less advanced. An animated picture of Heuneburg, notice how most of the house have a similar pattern; long, single story but with a sharp, tall roof varying between wood shingles/thatch. Another animation of Heuneburg (this time a different animator) but still similar, the houses also follow that pattern I spoke about. The walls were exclusive to this area, they were made of mud bricks. So adding this type of wall wouldn't be that accurate. House and storehouse respectively in the village reconstruction near Bundenbach. Drawing of what Bibracte might've looked like. Besides that, currently the walls are fine (they look like the Kelheim type gallic wall) but it's a bit annoying that the fences on top look so crude, Celts were great carpenters and there's no reason they wouldn't be able to make a nice fence. The Civic center currently looks smaller than that of most of the other civs. The Barracks and blacksmith are fine. That's all I can think of now, I may add more.
  3. Im not very convinced about the textures on the mountains neither the color of the water, but here it is, the Gauls. You can Download it here https://github.com/Skhorn/0AD-map-pack Depends on the stan eyencady mod
  4. I think that we can put more diferences in this factions with some actor changes: * Gauls: Default recieve celt_helmet_b "today generical epos' helmet" * Britons default recieve the celt_helment_a "today gaeroa's generical helmet" that would affect to all citizen soldiers "gaeroa, gaisaredos, iaosae, baguada and epos"
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