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  1. Nice work. A very handy tool for scenarios, cinematics and map fly-throughs. I'll definately follow this developent. Thanks.
  2. Lovely stuff! I like your panorama shot on that castle in the previous one too.
  3. The second one has quite a large sea to land ratio but, they do both look quite good. I would imagine on the second one that all inland structures are attainable for destruction by a strong naval fleet.
  4. Well done Nicolas. Thanks for all the work.
  5. Thank you so much for that DarkReaver. I have a bit of thinking to do. Much appreciated. Nice to see Lara Croft again .
  6. Appreciated, however, what you have said brings to mind the "Smush" in AoE, (the Saracen monk rush). You could do a monk rush with other civs too but, Saracens had a trade for gold advantage at the market. If you could get to your opponents villies quickly enough you could stifle his economy early on in the game and win. I'd also like to say that having a few alternate ways to win a game instead of only the carnage of war would be nice. Of course I'm not even insinuating that we should curb our exitement and do away with warfare as the prominent route to take to victory but some alternatives are sometimes appealing. Just a thought for the future bearing in mind that as you say, the dynamics of conversion aren't known yet. Zy
  7. Nice questions Any form of amusement is intrinsically an art-form already. Video games are comprised of multiple arts the visual, the audio, the motive and the logic, to name four.It is a combination of these together with a level of interactivity that make video games at least different but, perhaps not always more.It depends what floats your boat. The saying of "beauty is in the eye of the beholder" is perhaps an old one stemming from traditional visual paint and canvas but, since the advent of the IT revolution I will suggest that it is in your ears and actions too. What do I think? A video game is undoubtedly a work of art! That the whole of creation is indeed a wonderful work of art with its motions, sounds, and lighting and matter. Its Creator being the expressor and we and other living creatures being the beholders. .... Enrique, I have also often thought of it(and still do) as a transmitter, reciever type of interaction. Zy
  8. Hello kosmo. By composers, do you mean software (as in Reaper or Audigy) or humans (as in Mozart or Chopin)? If humans, then I can't really say that I have been listening to classical as intently as to have preferences but I do enjoy my Mozart and Strauss CDs now and then. Or were you referring to sequenceing software? Zy
  9. Thanks for your thoughts DarcReaver. I'm glad that you think it can be cool if done well enough. If lack of awesomeness is a drawback then perhaps some (or all) of the video could be done by importing models into Blender and then taking it from there. Another thing that I've thought of is developing a number of stills from the game into visually enriched scene shots that are related to the song. Could you please elaborate a little on the better alternatives that you mention? I'd be very grateful. Zy
  10. Thanks Alekusu. Them there Gauls in your avatar have been a favorite of mine since my childhood. I haven't hadafix of them for a while though, maybe I should contact my dealer Getafix. Germanic celt, nice to meet you too. I was wondering how many SA people might be here. It seems not many. I'm actually not able to play at the moment because my PC is to old, lol :-) but I'm gonna take care of that as soon as I can. I just find this genre of rts game facinating with its base in factual history and the associated arts like the music and graphics. I guess it's the spirit of the game that draws my attention here. Zy Tried to edit the font size. Sorry if its small. I don't know what's going on with this tablet.
  11. Hi everyone. Excuse me for not sorting out my profile yet. I'll do it a bit l8tr when I can get back to my PC. It's proving a bit cumbersome for me on my tablet. I'm an old aoe player from down south (South Africa). Back in them ole' days lag over the ocean was quite an ishoe and we formed our own tournaments and ranking system down here. I was a mediocre player at best. Thanks to all those who have started and kept 0ad going you are truly an inspiration to the little people like myself. Zy
  12. Hi everyone, I'm an old fan of aoe and I think 0ad is a wonderful offspring. I find old classical music and the history of antiquity very inspiring. I have a great appreciation for the wonderful work that Omri Lahav has done with the music and I applaud him for it. What I think would be a fun thing to do, is to do a type of musical mod, as opposed to a gameplay or graphical one. What I have in mind is a song from the point of view of a character within the game with an accompanying video with scenes and/or footage/flythroughs using atlas or the game itself. I think if that could be achieved successfully then it may attract more lovers of music and in turn new people to the game and hence a bit of support. This is something that I'd love to try. Any thoughts? Zy
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