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  1. IMO it depends on the time it takes for trees to regenerate. If they take 20-30 minutes to regenerate or more, then you will still have to cope with wood overuse, while still having forests be reusable at some later point, especially if the match drags on. About building locations, that could be solved by making it so trees don't regrow if a building was constructed on top of them. Or that trees don't regrow within a certain range of buildings, so that the latter don't get surrounded by regrown trees.
  2. There's a pretty interesting RTS game on Kickstarter right now, Liquidation. It looks like a cross between Warcraft, Starcraft and Warhammer 40,000. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/liquidation/liquidation-a-rts-rpg-hybrid/description I backed it, and hope they get funded! We really need more quality RTSes like in the golden age of the genre. PS: In case it's not allowed to post links to kickstarter here, please let me know and I'll remove the link.
  3. IMO: even if feasible to implement people dying from falling trees, I'm not sure I see a gameplay advantage to doing it... it would be cool the first time to see it, but then it would probably either be ignored (if units deal with it on their own) or get tiresome (if the player has to micro their wood gatherers).
  4. Spelljammer and Mystara are my favorites. I'm fond of Forgotten Realms as well.
  5. For the whole project (IIRC), yes, but I imagine the individual structures wouldn't be breaching copyright anyway, unless they were directly based on buildings from LotR official games.
  6. A pity that they aren't in 0 AD like the elven ship then, seeing as it's unlikely there would be any copyright issues with them.
  7. Were any actually made? Other than the elven ship that is in 0 AD, that is.
  8. There were some fantasy models I commissioned from the modeller Kwaliti to produce rendered sprites for Wyrmsun from which might be useful for your project (if the models can be made work with Pyrogenesis): Skeleton Warrior https://github.com/Andrettin/Wyrmsun/tree/master/models/units/undead/skeleton_warrior Orc Spearthrower https://github.com/Andrettin/Wyrmsun/tree/master/models/units/orc/spearthrower Hobgoblin Warrior https://github.com/Andrettin/Wyrmsun/tree/master/models/units/hobgoblin/warrior Gnoll Warrior https://github.com/Andrettin/Wyrmsun/tree/master/models/units/gnoll/warrior Clay Golem https://github.com/Andrettin/Wyrmsun/tree/master/models/units/construct/clay_golem Hope this helps!
  9. Take care, and all the best to you, friend
  10. In Portuguese there is a specific word for "barter" ("escambo"), though the more generic "câmbio" ("exchange") also exists. Is it different for Spanish?
  11. I think it's quite good, yes, though clearly not as lovingly done as AoE2: DE.
  12. It is a great game. But the gameplay would be completely different if you did a 4x with it than with 0 AD. Do you prefer real time or turn-based? If the former, 0 AD would be a better choice. Neither is specifically geared towards being a 4x, and both are pretty moddable, so they're about equal on those aspects I would say. You might also want to check out Widelands, which is an open-source implementation of The Settlers: https://www.widelands.org/ I don't know whether it is still being actively developed, though.
  13. Isn't maíz just the Spanish word for corn? Or does it mean something more specific in this context?
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