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  1. In Portuguese there is a specific word for "barter" ("escambo"), though the more generic "câmbio" ("exchange") also exists. Is it different for Spanish?
  2. I think it's quite good, yes, though clearly not as lovingly done as AoE2: DE.
  3. It is a great game. But the gameplay would be completely different if you did a 4x with it than with 0 AD. Do you prefer real time or turn-based? If the former, 0 AD would be a better choice. Neither is specifically geared towards being a 4x, and both are pretty moddable, so they're about equal on those aspects I would say. You might also want to check out Widelands, which is an open-source implementation of The Settlers: https://www.widelands.org/ I don't know whether it is still being actively developed, though.
  4. Isn't maíz just the Spanish word for corn? Or does it mean something more specific in this context?
  5. @Lion.Kanzen What did you mean by a "vassal system"? You said "like the Seleucid colonies", so mini-settlements?
  6. I got this, and I must say, it is an excellent remake. Probably one of the best remakes of older games, even, and a good deal better than AoE1:DE.
  7. Has thought been given to the idea of players gaining "experience" (or similar) during scenarios, and accruing persistent bonuses? Similar to the various persistent bonuses in Age of Empires Online, or the commander levels for Starcraft 2 co-op. I feel this sort of thing enhances the player feeling of achievement when playing the game. For 0 A.D., it might be better to keep such bonuses for single player only (and stored locally), so that the server does not need to keep track of that for players, and so that competitive multiplayer isn't affected by this.
  8. I just started "start-shell.bat", since the "start-shell-msvc2015.bat" described in the readme wasn't present. Doing as you say could well fix the issue. I've already deleted the files from my previous attempt, but when I try again I'll do that then.
  9. Thanks for the info! I tried using the latest version of mozilla-build and NSPR, but to no avail: I still got the same error when building NSPR (I didn't even get to building SpiderMonkey itself). I'm clearly doing something wrong, but I'm not sure what...
  10. Thanks! I had seen the instructions in the repo, but I haven't got past trying to build NSPR (the "configure" step fails, even with the patch listed in the readme). I've also got some other unrelated errors in the compilation of Pyrogenesis (related to the core CRT). What is SpiderMonkey used for, by the way?
  11. I was trying to build the engine, and I managed to do it like you did (using the 2015 toolchain with VS2019), but since VS2017 has been out for a while I wondered why it wasn't an option. Thanks for the info! I looked into it, and I got it to work mostly, except that there are unresolved symbols from SpiderMonkey. I guess rebuilding it with VS2017 would fix the issue, though of course that would also take some effort.
  12. Is there any particular reason why only MSVC2015 is supported in "update-workspaces.bat", but not MSVC2017? The latest alpha release of premake5 (which is used to generate the projects) does not support MSVC2019, so I understand why that is not supported, but the latest alpha of premake5 does support MSVC2017.
  13. GH is controlled by a private company, but AFAIK given how git works (your local copy has the entire repository information) that is not an issue, since if they change their policies to something intolerable, you can just move the repository to be hosted somewhere else. I think it would be advantageous to host it in GitHub, considering the excellent UI it possesses (both in the desktop and web versions), which IMO makes development much more convenient.
  14. This looks pretty good It could work well as a base for a more grand strategy-like kind of map.
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