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  1. I am hoping to see this mod available in a24 sometime!
  2. The game will display "player bartered 300 stone for 500 food" when in fact what happened is the player bartered away their food in order to receive stone. When someone barters x for y, the person is bartering away x in order to receive y.
  3. The last line of terminal output was "Segmentation fault (core dumped)" The last time I played the svn version was February 11, 2020.
  4. I attached the replay file from a game versus A.I. which crashed to desktop when playing. It was built a few days ago, at revision 23795 or 23796, not sure which exactly. Here is video of the crash happening (go to 38:20 if it doesn't happen automatically) https://youtu.be/fV5MZ7aBS5Q?t=2302 commands.txt
  5. Missing Replays (replays in thread are of the wrong game) Week 1 : @Stockfish vs @ffm Week 2: @Stockfish vs @Pudim here are the clean week 2 replays (except Stockfish vs pudim) week2.7z and here, again, are the clean week 1 replays (except Stockfish vs ffm) replays week 1.7z
  6. Here are clean replay files for week 1: replays week 1.7z there is no stockfish vs ffm replay, what was uploaded in this thread is the wrong file.
  7. The week 2 game will be streamed at this link:
  8. @Hannibal_BarcaGood thinking. I've updated the post.
  9. I thought it better to keep the replay file in the replays section. Would it be more appropriate just to put it in the other thread instead?
  10. I will try to remember to update this post every week with the new replay, if I am late, you might find that someone has posted it as a reply. Week 1: Team 1 - camelius (Black), Stockfish (Purple), Unknown_Player (Green), Fpre (Dark Blue) Team 2 - PhyZik (Orange), DoctorOrgans (Cyan), LANDLORD (Yellow), Vick (Pink) Sunday Pro Games Apr 22 4v4.tar.gz Week 2: Sunday Pro Games April 28 4v4.tar.gz Week 3: Team 1 - borg, camelius, Boudica, fpre Team 2 - ValihrAnt, chrstgtr, Unknown_Player, phoenixdesk Sunday Pro Games May 5 4v4.tar.gz
  11. It was very difficult to read fgod stats on snow biome lol. I wish for an option to scale fgod separately from the main 0ad gui. And to change the font, the default font seems to have some aliasing or something. There will be other streamers also, between us we will figure out the correct streaming configuration. I'm not aristol Dancing is too overpowered. I misgendered you at least once, I'm sorry
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