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  1. Actually, it is technically this: https://matrix.to/#/#0ad-unofficial:matrix.org
  2. Silly Me, forgot to update the link: https://matrix.to/#/#0ad-unofficial:matrix.org
  3. @imperiumWill this map work on the latest release?
  4. Hi guys, this is just to let you know that the 0 AD room on matrix.org has been upgraded from version 6 to version 9. If you were a member of the old room, you will have to rejoin. Hope to see you there!
  5. Hi Guys! We were gone for a while, but the 0 AD Central room on matrix.org is back! Due to a version upgrade, if you were joined to the old room, you will now need to rejoin. You can find the link here: https://matrix.to/#/!vqjZdSBF0n6ZQcrUvn:chat.shawnsorbom.net?via=matrix.org&via=tchncs.de&via=fachschaften.org I have added a few new feeds, and have restored all of the feeds for channels that have been active in the last 6 months. If you would like to see your channel featured, please comment below, or message me. If your channel contains non-0AD content please create a 0AD-exclusive playlist and send me the link. If all of this is gibberish to you, I recommend watching the following video: I hope to see you all there!
  6. Would it be possible to make the snap Auto release? I realize dependencies may be an issue, but if versioning of libraries is handled, it could work.
  7. Huh, I didn't realize the Romans made it that far north into modern day England.
  8. Hi oSoMoN, Happy 0AD Snap customer here! Thank you so much for your work! It's nice not to have to worry about updates.
  9. Ooooooh! Wow, it looks amazing. How long did it take to make, if you don't mind my asking?
  10. Hi guys, just want to let you all know that a link to the tournament will be appearing automatically in the unofficial 0 AD matrix room.You are all welcome to join. Invite link here: https://matrix.to/#/!pJKqVICIcXcKKDJyBv:matrix.org?via=matrix.org&via=halogen.city&via=t2bot.io
  11. Hi, I was going to post about this -- It seems to be happening in Linux too. glad to know this isn't platform specific. Is there a patch file available for the main 0 AD game? the github repo linked to in this thread seems to have modified the files in question substantially, and my javascript skills aren't quite up to selectively applying the changes by hand.
  12. Hi, First, I'm new here, so if this is already a suggestion I apologize. Second, Great Game! There is one minor problem though. As the title states, there doesn't seem to be a way for each player to pick his/her own factions in multi-player games. Is there a reason for this? Would it be possible to implement allowing players to choose?
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