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Found 8 results

  1. Hi , Im working on .... Carthage : 7 players of 50 pop limit --> 6 districts + 1 army of 50 mercenary champs VS Rome : 1 player of 500 pop limit mostly invading by sea (like survival of fittest) + nubians troops coming from desert I'm using the elevation terrain hack to put some buildings on top of others and make them look like merged in order to have unique structures (below, the 5 houses produces those 5 females with no evacuation problem) Rome will invade with RAMS, but will not be abl
  2. A map I made. Rome attacks Carthage. The End. Please give any feedback/advice. Carthage_Rome.xml Carthage_Rome.xml
  3. The iberian mercenary Skrmisher, can shoots flaming proyectiles here i get the tvidence, i know that i can mod the ibearian skrmisher, but the flaming javelin would be the default weapon https://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Batalla_de_Cannas#Equipamiento
  4. Is a fact that Carthage used towered elephants on the zama battle "the fail was that carthage used teen and untamed elephants", with seleucid appereance, but carthaginian style this is my evidence http://bet-ilim.blogspot.de/2012/01/military-of-ancient-canaan.html
  5. I think that a bright idea is give to the Carthage faction the powerful war chariots "potenicialized by numidian horses" representating the use of carthage of this units, therrefore fact i was moodded my 0AD inslation adding artificcialy the chariots aviable on 0AD, and comparing the results to the "wikipedia", i tries these chariots: * Carbanto "Fail" * Mauryan Chariot "Fail" * Persian Calvary Archer "Perfect", we on a eventually carthage chariot, we must use it as a chariot "only replace the persian logos for Carthaginian logos" this is my source for want and ask for it https://es.wikipedia.
  6. Syntagma and Phalanx are associatted with: * Grreks * Macedonia * Diadochi but there is a none-heenistic state that uses this formations, Cartage, since Jantipus' reforms, he get the phalanx and syntagma formations for Carthage, Sehir Hanit as Holipites, Sacred Band of Baal, as Spartaties "Jantipus was born in Sparta", Chariots aside "after numidian calvary" after Cartage during punic wasa mantatin this formatins with a few changes, on left ranged units "numidian, calvary, iberian mercenaries", and on the right the "heavy units": * Swordmen: Samnites and Celts * and on the "rightest" side of
  7. I think the the towered elephants on the Alpha 15 of 0AD, must be add to carthaginian faction i gonna explain! the reazon: Carthage all the time buies Towered Elephants to Ptolomeaic Empire!, in fact dirung the 1 and 2 punic wars this units was of the most important unit for Carthage, this unit caouldn't be used as shock unit, the most common use of is unit is shoot Arrows Stones and Javelins, but this unit isn't weak for the "face-to-face fight", because for this combat has: The elephant itself, and a "panopila" with the same armour of the hellenic holipites but mounted on the elephant this i
  8. 0AD's Carthage faction is good, but Carthage need more types of units, with these units Carhage gonna be perfect, this is my source, ecuseme is in spanish, but explains all units! https://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ej%C3%A9rcito_de_Cartago "cheapers" Panopila: With the same aromour of sacred band of baal, but were libyo-phenician soldiers, we can put a button to train this inits but with less cost, as the carthage embassies: * Reduce recuit time 30% * Reduce Metal Cost 30%? Libyan calvary, with the same armour of the sacred bans of astarte, we can put a button to train this inits but with less co
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