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  1. Where is it? Under binaries/system/sim_log, I see three directories. Two of them have older commands.txts. One has a blank commands.txt.
  2. Petra still had over 100 workers after the attack. I killed the game with a CTRL-C, so there is no commands.txt
  3. If you have both human and AI teammates, a menu should send chat messages, too, so, for example, if the AI can' t send resources, the human could.
  4. I was playing on Treasure Islands with Petra vs Petra. The AI was great for some time, until the other bot attacked with some triremes and some troops. My side (blue) killed all the attacking units, but then they just started idling. BUG? Even with its bugs, Petra is awesome!
  5. I was allied with Petra at the time. Where can it be increased?
  6. Roman swordsmen are among the best (especially champions). Use the testudo formation to go up against structures. Roman siege equipment is also among the best. They can also research a tech that allows organic units to regain health slowly, which is very helpful.
  7. Version 2 WIP: I know they did not invade by sea, but it would be much more fun if they did. Maybe I'll do one of the actual invasion.
  8. Also, is there an easy way to build walls in Atlas without having to place each section by hand?
  9. Where were the famous triple walls located, anyway? Somewhere along the coast? It is pretty hard to see on the pictures. Also, where should the Romans be placed? On an offshore island? Can you set units to be garrisoned inside ships in Atlas?
  10. How would a bot recieve chat messages using the JS API? I know the bots can talk, but can they recieve messages yet? Something like API.onTeamChatSent=function(str){/* code here */};, maybe? It should be a pretty simple addition to a bot if that is possible. I suppose so, but this would require a little more code than the chat option (correct me if I'm wrong). However, human team members might not see the requests then unless the menu also chats.
  11. I started making the map on a whim, so there is little historical accuracy. I admit, that there is no harbor yet... I will make a second version of this map to make it more complete.
  12. A map I made. Rome attacks Carthage. The End. Please give any feedback/advice. Carthage_Rome.xml Carthage_Rome.xml
  13. Looks great. Nice bridges. However, the land seems a bit bare. Maybe add some fauna/flora?
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