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Found 2 results

  1. I think that a bright idea is give to the Carthage faction the powerful war chariots "potenicialized by numidian horses" representating the use of carthage of this units, therrefore fact i was moodded my 0AD inslation adding artificcialy the chariots aviable on 0AD, and comparing the results to the "wikipedia", i tries these chariots: * Carbanto "Fail" * Mauryan Chariot "Fail" * Persian Calvary Archer "Perfect", we on a eventually carthage chariot, we must use it as a chariot "only replace the persian logos for Carthaginian logos" this is my source for want and ask for it https://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ej%C3%A9rcito_de_Cartago Although illustrations found Punic war chariots , are reliefs of Phoenician and Cypriot vehicles , which can take similar - if not identical. The chariots were used in Cyprus at the beginning of V century . C. , 100 Punic design apparently , but at the same time ceased to be used for the rest of the griegos.101 There are many representations in terracotta Cypriot car from seventh to sixth centuries . C. , also have been discovered remains of royal carriages of Salamis in Cyprus , dating from the mid - seventh to eighth century . C. Also have been representations of real cars or currency sacred Sidon Sidonians V century a. C. The Phoenician goldsmiths the seventh and eighth . C. is also a prolific source of images of chariots. Parts of Punic war chariots found in the Iberian Peninsula ( c. eighth century . C. ) , as well as illustrations on them, recorded in tombs also Iberian soil , can confirm their employment in foreign campaigns of Carthage. According to these data , the Punic cars had a similar style , both in construction and combat tactics , the Assyrian chariots the seventh and eighth . C. (eg control cars were distinguished in the field by umbrellas ) . Recent chariots of Salamis and Lift models had dual shaft to yoke four horses , modeled Assyrian . This would be the Punic truck model IV century . C. Diodorus mentions moving to Sicily from 300 chariots , horses over 2000 pairs of "reserve" 102 during the war against Dionysius I of Syracuse . During the expedition of 341 . C. against Timoleon , the chariots Carthaginian army moved forward and played a decisive role for rejecting a surprise attack by the Syracusan cavalry , commanded by Damareto on Punic troops crossing the river Crimiso . The mobility of cars, equipped with blades on the wheels, broke up and pushed back the Syracusan cavalry . To counter the onslaught of such vehicles, attacked frontally Timoléon elite troops , defeated and captured 200 chariots . In the early fighting following the invasion of Africa ( 310 a.) By the tyrant Agathocles of Syracuse, the Punic army lined up to 2000 cars and 1000 horsemen against the Syracusans , who had no mounted troops . Despite such a disproportion of forces, the initial charge of the cavalry and chariots crashed against enemy infantry , which minimized the impact of riders and vehicles. Added to that , the archers and slingers harassed them with launches massive missile , forcing them to retreat on its own infantry , destroying it . The chariot stopped Carthaginian widely used after this season , but during the punic wars was be used! here i have a photography! i think that we can put the Persian Calvary Archer b this unis has the best appereance for it!, and we only need delete the persian icons, and put carthaginian icons!
  2. 0AD's Carthage faction is good, but Carthage need more types of units, with these units Carhage gonna be perfect, this is my source, ecuseme is in spanish, but explains all units! https://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ej%C3%A9rcito_de_Cartago "cheapers" Panopila: With the same aromour of sacred band of baal, but were libyo-phenician soldiers, we can put a button to train this inits but with less cost, as the carthage embassies: * Reduce recuit time 30% * Reduce Metal Cost 30%? Libyan calvary, with the same armour of the sacred bans of astarte, we can put a button to train this inits but with less cost, as the carthage embassies: * Reduce recuit time 30% * Reduce Metal Cost 30%? Units * Lonchophoroi, javalinists with tha same appereance of the libyan spearman, but were javelinists!, no spearmen! Iberian Infantry, here Iberian Swordsman And Add the Flaming Javelin, "Carthage and Iberians" Special weapons Elephants, ;ore tyes of elephants:: * Ranged Elephant, with Javelinists and Archers * Crush Elephant, for the direct attack, as an ancient "tank". Carthage in this moments has this unit, only we put Ranges Elephant, maur ranger elephant but a few smaller" Chariots: Chariots with phoenician "Here Carthage's" design were find on iberian peninsula, and used by Carthage during the wars aganist Dionisius I of Siracusa, and the wars with the "magna greece" cities, and in the iberian peninsula's invasion, and even during the first and second punic wars Siege weapons: "Turtle-Style Ram" Carthage modifies the ram adding protection and more speed, we could put a roman ram but with carthage simbols! "Assult towers" Carthage had towrs with assault soldiers and siege weapons!, we can put this weapon very expensive but very powerful, and with many units for garrisson, with a design similar to the famous macedonian helepola, but here we can garrrison: *Catapults * Ranged Units * Javelinists "iberian flaming javelinist" * Rams Please excuseme that the source is in spanish, but here we can find more information about it https://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ej%C3%A9rcito_de_Cartago
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