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Found 3 results

  1. Hi Guys, Do you hear about kamikaze ? Ok ? Those people we so brave but hopeless that their decide to become flying bombs (nowadays they just walk). So in order to minimize the effect of Lanchester law during a battle, it might be cool to use the ctrl + click to assign a target on which the unit will suicide on. For exemple, a simple hoplite could kill a champ. Kamikaze : a new ctrl > To program this, the selected unit asked to kamikaze will be transformed into a projectile with big damage effect (though he still appears as a human) as soon as he runs and hits the target unit and dies immediately after (because he lets his whole body with no protection and was impaled like a sausage) . If you ctrl +click a destination on the map (and not directly a enemy unit) , the unit will run to the destination and will have a "splash" aura on all the way to the destination : so the idea will be to ask the kamikaze unit to run through a group of enemy to create global damage on the nearby enemy units that were on his way. In this case, the more he causes damage, the more he loses health (just have to find the good ratio) . This will needs a new charging animation. Fanatics : a new stance > A less radical version of this might be that the unit will run to random enemy targets and hit with 4x bonus attack but 0.5x bonus armor. For this, rather than using the ctrl button, an other stance should be available : Fanatical (beside the aggressive, defensive, standing ...) . This way, units will just run (and no more walk) to first enemy like zombies do in latest movies. The fact that their attack-armor bonus is higher is to balance the fact that they will probably run disorganized to enemy units whereas these enemies are more packed together. While under fanatical stance, it won't be possible for the player to selected a specific target, his units will be just autistic lethal fanatics and unable to work anymore . Maybe, once they we asked to be fanatical, they stay like it and it will not be possible to switch them back to other stance . In other words you cant control anymore as they become like OP AI ally units. (Or maybe they stops to be fanatics once they see no more enemies in their sight ?) This fanatical stance and the ctrl + click kamikaze target could make possible to a smaller group of units to take advantage on a bigger group if this one is not packed together. What do you think ? This should be easy to implement. No?
  2. Gentlemen, I Have with me here, a simple suggestion. Instead of units automatically grouping up (ala now) in a formation, or, if it seems appropriate, "No formation" (evri tym), How about we simply have units automatically NOT HAVE FORMATIONS, unless ordered to? So I have a suggestion, they are 2 buttons. "FORM UP!", and "DISBAND". This will quite UN-complicate the formation system we have now. (from a user point of view). It's also more Understandable. Currently we have a problem of.. say, like me, you dislike formations in their current state, but do sometimes like to use them. It is quite annoying to have to set NO FORMATION whenever you train a 5x of infantry (or 50x - worse at 50x) set to move towards a metal deposit, or, TL:DR I want a Button to make my units form up, and a button to disband them. Potentially also better from a UI standpoint, instead of 50 buttons, you just have 1, thus can lower the bottom bar, for more screen space. Ancillary Suggestion: Make it so Formations can Have a little flag above their head which you can click on, to select that formation. This would make having a nice long line of pikes more manageable. (because you know, the more units in one syntagma formation, the less good it is) Edit: Besides it making more sense from a game-play standpoint, it's more accurate to how formations actually function. If you tell a bunch of people to "go over there", they won't form up, they would just waddle in the general direction you pointed. You would have to form them up, get them in line, THEN MARCH THEM TO "Over there". Also it irks me.
  3. Syntagma and Phalanx are associatted with: * Grreks * Macedonia * Diadochi but there is a none-heenistic state that uses this formations, Cartage, since Jantipus' reforms, he get the phalanx and syntagma formations for Carthage, Sehir Hanit as Holipites, Sacred Band of Baal, as Spartaties "Jantipus was born in Sparta", Chariots aside "after numidian calvary" after Cartage during punic wasa mantatin this formatins with a few changes, on left ranged units "numidian, calvary, iberian mercenaries", and on the right the "heavy units": * Swordmen: Samnites and Celts * and on the "rightest" side of army the calvary "iberian and celt", and the true side left the Sacred Band of Astarte a few images about the "phalanx on carthage" my evidence is: http://bet-ilim.blogspot.de/2012/01/military-of-ancient-canaan.html
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